Saturday afternoon in Adel. The day had warmed up nicely. Eleven players on the team and no one wants to be goal keeper. “Fine I’ll do it but I’m afraid of the ball so make sure it comes nowhere near me!” The captain’s famous last words before being wrapped up in padding by Pam Hardaker who exclaimed “I should have brought the junior kit, the adult one is way too large for you!”. And so the ladies 4s game begins.

Slazengers began the game but Adel took control of the ball from the start. With the whole team playing from the centre-line up, and goal scoring chances opening up continuously, we only had to wait 10 minutes before the Jen popped in the first goal.  Anna Shields drove forward from the mid point at every chance possible and when she finally scored her first goal, her dad’s congratulating words were “now stop smiling and turn around, the play has already started!”. A few flimsy shots from Pam, a couple more shouts of encouragement from coach Paul, who was dressed immaculately in blue jeans on the sideline and a few more worthy saves by the Slazengers keeper, 2 more goals were sent to the back of the net and we ended the first half on a high.

Slazengers returned after half time rejuvenated. They wanted a goal and were driving towards our D. Ellie Robson and Ellie Pritchard were defending solidly on the wings and blocking them at every opportunity. Fancy play between Jen Nurmi and Sophie Freeman added a few more goals to our collection. Samantha “I can’t believe my mother gave me a 500 calorie tiny frozen dinner before this game” Cutler played excellently on the left, meeting all those balls and and finally converting her chances of shooting into a goal. Hayley Hildred cursed her new silver shoes for cutting into her throughout the match and Jayne Studholme tumbled ungracefully – no pain no gain ladies! And with that, Ally Urso delivered her much yearned for premier goal to this season.

David Mattinson ran past with his forgotten luggage exclaimed to Fathima “GK” Patel as she fidgeted with her extra large helmet “God you look utterly bored standing there!” and he was right. She didn’t touch the ball once during the whole match! An 8-0 win was well deserved for Adel. So was that “death by chocolate” Cadburys swiss roll they had or teas….

DofD and MotM in a rare feat went to the same individual- Ellie Robson. A solid performance which ended with a well deserved bloody knee!