This year’s first round draw and for the third year in a row  would be an away trip. Luckily for Adel the short trip to York was better than crossing The Pennines. Adel’s squad of 13 contained 9 girls, and whilst many would think this would be a potential weakness, anyone from Adel knows this was a blessing in disguise.

The team arrived and changed and were then met by an opposition, or maybe army from York, this is 11-a-side right?

The game started somewhat nervously, Sarah knew that her clean sheet would not hold, so use to having Claire and Byers protecting her, the sight of Sam, Paul and Dom, less reassuring, the later choosing to fall over within 30 seconds, the ball and opposition players nowhere to be seen. Adel’s blushes saved as the ball dribbled onto the post not once but twice.

The midfield however was the strength in Adel’s side, not surprising containing no boys. Helen, Anna and Sandra running rings around the opposition and feeding the rotating frontline of Phil, Sophie, Robyn and Jacs. Phil shocking everyone by opening the scoring, 1-0 up. The umpire quickly awarding Phil a second goal, missing an obvious foul by the ginger beanstalk. in what turned out to be a decisive moment, a wave of honesty from the Adel captain, requesting the umpire to change his decision. This would be the first and last time this ever happens, we will revisit this later….

This time last year into our first round fixture we were at least five down. Surely it wouldn’t hold…and it didn’t!

Hannah and Snidge were doing their best to organise the defence, crunching tackles and sliding clearances. Sarah now a little more alert, finally awoken from yesterday’s snooze. York pulled the scores level, and then took the lead. Just as it was looking as the game may run away, Sophie grabbed Adel’s second with a close range composed finish.

Half time arrived and passed all too quickly.

The second half started well for Adel, York struggling to organise their 27 subs. Anna took the lead for Adel, casually finishing a breakaway.

It was at this point the game took a change for the worse, York breaking on the Adel defence, a clean tackle made, and as the ball cleared it hit the York stick and lifted into the air. The York player calming chesting the ball down and striking into the goal, umpires clearly enjoying the late afternoon January sunset, surely the favour from the first half would be returned? Of course not, this is serious cup hockey! Apparently it was 3-3.

The game would meander to a draw, York would win the resulting flick competition 3-1 after four flicks each. the highlight being a god awful attempt from Phil, bless him he did have a black eye.

Where Does Honesty Get You? The Plate

5 games now played in the competition over the course of three seasons. 4 losses but we will always remember a 6-5 victory against some team in blue once upon a time!

MOM- Jacs – 6ft odd fella against our 5fter, no contest! Pretty awkward as she went round him, over him, through him time and time again!

DOD- Sam- Keep your confessions for church.