Many of you will have been finding a variety of ways to maintain your fitness levels over the summer months in anticipation of starting the new season in September in tip top condition in order to steal a march on our opposition.

This might have been a few games of summer hockey, a run in the park, increased attendance at the gym and the odd round of golf.  Some of our members have developed an unhealthy interest in cycling and I want to warn all members of the dangers of this pastime.  At the committee meeting last night we had 2 attendees with arms in a sling.  Umpire coordinator, Jim Cockburn has damaged his right arm and shoulder after being knocked off his bike down the Otley Road and Welfare Officer Bridget Petty has suffered a similar fate whilst out cycling one morning near her home, resulting in a fractured humourus (which isn’t really very funny at all).  Jokes about Adel umpires only needing one arm have done the rounds and it was noticeable that Jim still managed to hold a pint glass last night.  Earlier in the summer, new acquisition Simon Ball also had a cycling accident whilst taking his fitness test for joining Adel by participating in a triathlon.

To date, I have heard of no one suffer a summer injury from the gym, playing summer league or having a jog so the moral of the tale here is that riding a bike is not the best way to maintain your levels of fitness ahead of the new season.  If you are tempted to pretend you are Chris Froom or Laura Kenny then think again and get yourself along to fitness training at the club on a Tuesday evening where as long as you dodge the arrows from the archery section you should be much safer and be sure to be fit to start the new season.

We wish Simon, Bridget and Jim a speedy recovery and suggest they all remember to attach their stabilisers when they eventually get back on the bikes.

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