Just who are Adel’s biggest derby rival? I’ve heard many suggestions, from Leeds to Ramgharia, Harrogate to Horsforth???. But according to some of the old hands there is only one team we want to beat over any other – Ben Rhydding. Perhaps it is the small train station we are jealous of, or they our proximity to the great metropolis of Leeds.

This game was built on the premise of a club on the rise, versus a once great one that was struggling. But could we be brutal, and inflict another wound on the rich folk from the banks of the river Wharfe?

(Not my) Captain Beale decided in his great wisdom to join the 21st century and to set up a ‘Whatsapp’ group to communicate information regarding fixtures; moving on from the previous system of telegrams that plagued the groups’ availability. In fact, players were (mostly) early for the meet time with many watching the two high quality games played by the mens and ladies 1s. Thank you for playing on the undercard for the 3s vs Ben Rhydding 4s.

Warm up was brief, involved some stick skills and ended right before the game (unlike last week when Wakefield decided to delay push back for hours).

Then, the team talk and inadequate explanation of the formation. Such inadequacy meant that most people had no idea where they were playing on the pitch until Fireman Sam stepped in at half time. Even then people were unsure. It can only be described as a 3, 2 (wide), 1, 3 (narrow), 1.

The first half was a dream for all forwards, who love having the ball, as we camped in their 23. Just one goal to show for it though, as Ben Hendley accidentally scored with a pass to the back post from a short corner. Chances a plenty, but none of the brutal viciousness lusted after by the crowd of nearly 20.

Then a change in positioning as left-back junior Simon was moved from left-mid-come-wingback to centre forward. Tom Sober Gabbott advanced and caused threat after threat to the opposition goal. After a good piece of interception/ j-run/ roll out play from Jackson to thread Matt Pollard in at the top of the D, Harry (or is it Henry) Ellis somehow scored over the keeper from a ball driven in on the ground. 2-0.

Sholto, fresh from the resurgent performance on Sunday then had a few things to do, with good saves, double saves and kicks away that kept the clean sheet. He showed fantastic character to rebound after passing it to the centre forward last week against Wakefield.

Coach Fireman Sam then moved some players around in the formation that was finally settling in to see Jackson moved onto the right where he began to terrorise the Ben Rhydding defence with roll-outs and J-runs learnt at training, before showing his finishing form by slotting a neat reverse away to kill the game at 3-0.

Match teas happened, and the team had their first experience of the new chef, and garlic bread – great touch Jane!

Sholto was voted man, dick to Fozzy as players asked why he hadn’t played as well as he did all season.

Special shout outs to Gabbott who has recently come out as a forward, and Paddy Tonge for growing tremendously into the men’s shirt. Finally, to Wadey who (even though he couldn’t make it for the short trip to Lincoln) managed to get away from the children’s party to sure up the defence!

In a league where pretty much everyone is beating everyone the 3s are still in the hunt for something – just quite what that is yet is not really clear.

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Tom Beale

Tom Beale · 8th November 2017 at 2:53 pm

Flicking hell! Still don’t think the 2nd one has crossed the line

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