This weekend support was out in full for the last home match of the day Adel Ladies 4s vs Pickering 1s and we gave them good reason to cheer!

Adel started positively and we soon had a short corner. Helen injected to Pam at the top of the D but Pickering were fast out and Adel unable to get the shot away found a foot. Short corner number two. This time Pam slipped it right to Charlie who got the shot away, bang went the backboard. 1-0.

Pickering got a break on and even after a frantic scramble back they had a 1 on 1 with GK Stella who came out to challenge for the ball. She went down, got the ball and the defence were back with Kat clearing the ball out wide. We breathed again.

Hattie on her 4s debut showed off her skills down the left wing creating more chances on goal with Sarina waiting eagerly on the post, but unable to tap it in due to strong defence by their GK. The press was set by Adel with Becky at CF, Jenny and Iona as the Inners and Helen as CH refusing to let the ball through. Katie stepped up in defence as they pressed high to giving an option to work the ball around Pickering back to create more chances in the D. We had another short corner. Their player broke early and was sent to halfway, it was looking good.. And another short corner, just sent wide – so close! A few minutes later and we had another chance, Pam slipped it right to Charlie who smacked it home again, big cheer from our supporters. Adel were 2-0 up with 5 mins till half-time. A short corner and the half-time whistle meant everyone was up and ready to dominate, Pam slipped to Hattie who swung… and missed. Earning her a well-deserved DOD.

Pickering started strong in the second half with Bish and Ellie working hard in the middle to gain possession back so we could go on the offensive. Great passing between Becky and Sarina up front kept the pressure up but that wasn’t enough to deter Pickering who made a break down the wing. Heavy defensive pressure in the D wasn’t enough to deter Pickering who found a foot and short corner it was. Well defended by Adel but we couldn’t knock it clear and it was another short corner. Pickering managed to convert this one and it was 2-1.

Their sense of triumph didn’t last long as Adel wanted more and incidentally, Hattie wanted to make up for a sure DOD nomination from earlier. Roared on by our sideline support and utilising the inner formation to our advantage, some lovely passing followed. This set up a lovely cross from Becky into Hattie, who managed to lift it pass the keeper in spectacular fashion to make it 3-1.

MOM: Sarina for great play and movement around the pitch. Special mention to Ellie, Kat and Helen who came in joint second.


This finish takes us to second in the table and is our third win in a row! Thanks to everyone who came to watch and to coach Sam! Cracking work everyone, I’m really proud of you.

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