Looks like a bit of a rollercoaster of a weekend for some of our teams with goals flying in at both ends of the pitch and several teams having back to back games this weekend now that Leeds University students are back on the pitch and out of the various pubs and bars of the Otley Road after freshers weeks completion.

Top of the class this week has to be the Ladies 3s with a stunning 10-0 win over Leeds Uni on Sunday after a 5-0 win on Saturday against Heckmondwike.  The Ladies 4s also kept a clean sheet all weekend but sadly were unable to find the net themselves in their 0-0 draw with Cleckheaton (there must be a joke here somewhere with games against Heck and Cleck).

The Ladies 2s were back to winning ways although they left it to the last minute to grab the winner from a penalty corner in their 3-2 win over Harrogate and it was also business as usual for the Ladies 1s with a clean sheet restored v Rotherham and 6 goals scored to retain top of the table position.

So the overall ladies score for the weekend is a resounding 24-2 win…..

After a traumatic week trying to find players and umpires (to which everyone should be eternally grateful to Ian Phillips, Sam Ransley and the mens skippers) the 1s broke in to double figures for the first time this season with a resounding 10-0 win over Lindum (I think that’s the new name for Lincoln and another Lincolnshire team who have merged forces).  Sadly, the Mens 2s were unable to beat the merged forces of Thirsk and Malton playing away in Pickering so it was no wonder we struggled to get players and umpires as it was tricky to know where we were meant to be going.  Fortunately, order was restored on Sunday as Fozzy’s merry band of players overcame Leeds Uni 1s with a 3-1 win.  A great recovery and despite a negative goal difference of -2 the team are top of the league ( note to statto Jim Robinson – the Mens 2s are the only team top of their league in Yorkshire, the North and the National leagues with a negative goal difference…..).

The Mens 3s lost narrowly away to Sheff Uni Bankers but taking a leaf out of the 2s book, they bounced back on Sunday to beat Lindum 6s 1-0 at the Adel Astrodome.  Last I heard we only had 10 players and no keeper for Saturday’s game and Sunday we were down to the last 11 players available in the West Yorkshire area so well done to Rich Bingham for sorting out 2 matches and grabbing 3 points from the weekend.

And the Mens 4s in the graveyard slot at Adel came off second best against Taddy 2s with an 8-2 home defeat.  With England Rugby Union and Leeds Rhinos both playing across the Pennines, player availability has been a challenge last weekend so if there is any comfort in England’s early exit from the World Cup it will be that Adel should have a better chance of getting full teams out next weekend without skippers racking up phone bills that looks like we have been trying to find players in Australia and South America.

And finally….  Jim “Statto” Robinson claims that the Mens 1s are the best team in Yorkshire, the North and the National leagues based on the scale of their goal difference.  I suspect Jim’s research may not have extended to the ladies similar league tables but if it did then he may find that one other team might actually knock the Mens 1s into second place.  Hopefully, it won’t require too much googling to spot who it is but they too play in black and orange at the Adel Astrodome… hopefully some internal friendly rivalry will continue to inspire all of our teams in their pursuit of promotion!

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