The week started with one of life’s great conundrums, presented by Mr Andrew Archibald Boag, in the team’s highly tactical Whatsapp group.

“Which of my woollen garments is befitting of my very important ‘business casual’ dinner?

The team were then presented with two dashing outfits to choose from, shown below.


Mr Boag specifically requested club feedback on his outfits, so feel free to let him know – I think he wore the quior boy outfight on the right..

Match day came around and Adel faced the newly promoted, and high in confidence, Tadcaster Magnets 1’s.

The match started with the obligatory Ibison pass to the opposing attacker. Fortunately for Adel, we had some guy in net who was surprisingly capable considering his pervious evenings exploits at the KPMG fresher ball and the stale chicken legend meal he packed away pre-game.

The first goal came about after some impressive dribbling down the left from sham, who stormed into the D, shelling the ball back post. Boag, who looked pretty sheepish throughout the game, and Holford left the ball to enable Jim Cockburn, founding member of the defenders union, to slide in a very cheeky ball at the back post. 1-0 Adel.

After more promising attacks from Adel, and the short corner count piling up, Horsey converted a rebounded short corner routine to make it 2-0.

Half time came with rich partner demanding intensity from his pack, which subsequently resulted in Bayford and Holford in engaging a bidding war with Horsey on when to substitute off the pitch. Bayford offered 5 minutes, Holford won with 4.

The second half commenced with volcanic intensity lead by the forward line, resulting in a short corner. Fortunately for Adel, this would be the 1 in 100 that would be flicked into the roof of the net – an admittedly great finish from bobby. 3-0 Adel.

Some scrappy play in the D saw Rich Partner attempt an audacious ‘frying pan toss’ attempt on goal, which only just missed the post, displaying impressive improvisation from a CDM and some great flexibility from the club physio.

Adel, for the first time this season, sought to press on and put Tadcaster to the metaphorical sword, achieving this through another well worked short corner routine consisting of Holford shelling the ball back post to the ever poaching Bayford. 4-0 Adel. More impressive work from the midfield, particularly Flo, created more opportunities for the forwards. This time Horse stepped up slotting another fortunate rebound into the back of the net.

Bayford put number 6 away with an impressive finish and Horsey capped of the complete and utter decimation with a finish in which the keeper seemed to surrender the centre of his goal giving Horse some easy fantasy points. 7-0 Adel.

Ibison, quickly becoming a man of habit on match days, yet again asked to borrow a towel. However, this was largely overlooked due to sham claiming a member of the other team had put on an extreme amount of ‘Timber’…

Horsey engaged in a playful battle of words with the oppo at teas when one of them came over and tried to discredit his lethal Trojan finishing. The oppo also claimed the standard of hockey in division 2 wasn’t any different to division 3, 7-0 suggested otherwise…

Special mention to Sam Jackson who had arguably his best game for the Club, putting in a great performance and running the entire show… in Birmingham… at a Street Doctors conference.

Cockburn and Brazier also had good outings on the defensive flanks, sorry ruairi.

Man – Ed Crocker made an impressive tackle and narrowly missed out to the goal keeper, whoever his is… someone said Josh I think, who had a great game.

Dick – Holford for his attempts, in vain, to mix up the short corner routines.

Shout out to the Ladies 1’s for a decent social that some of the 2’s joined and JSS for the most outrageous ‘fives’ tactics I have ever seen.