So I got tasked with writing the match report but it turns out I don’t remember a whole lot of what goes on in a match so I’ve decided to retell this from a first person play by play.

It was a strikingly bright and clear Saturday morning. Unfortunately, it turns out this was largely due to the fact I still had my contacts in from the night before. Somehow we made it to 1200 and Crocker and Holford were starting to get passive aggressive around giving me a lift and ‘timekeeping’. We turned up bang on time with Greggs & Anadin in-hand to what can only be described as chaos, ‘Captain-in-waiting’ Sam Jackson couldn’t organise a changing room. Luckily Rich turned up and sorted it out and then proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes telling us exactly how Worksop were going to play… I listened dutifully. After a quick attacking line strategy master-class from Bobby we were all pumped up and ready to go with the exception of Ed Holford who was collecting the balls and working out how best to start warming the bench.
The match started as planned with Adel having the majority of possession and slowly the chances started to come, Sam Jackson missed a sitter or two and bobby flashed a couple drag flicks past the top corner. Eventually a great ball by bobby from outside the D found Phil Bayford just outside the near post to deflect the ball in first time. A Great goal accompanied by a trademark Bayford roar 1-0 .The match then began to slow down to the point our defence decided to go to sleep and watching in horror I saw one of Worksops more ‘veteran’ players waltzing past 2 of our young highly athletic defensive players (Ed,Tom?) before playing a great ball across goal for one of their players to slap into the roof of the net over our new keeper   (not sure who he is?) 1-1.

Adel were rocked and needed a hero.. time to step up. Receiving the ball on the left wing the always inspirational Boag (gone into 3rd person for this one) managed to cut in side and beat his man to play a great ball to Ed Holford who skilfully bounced it off the keepers pads about 6 times before finally nestling it in the back of the net. 2-1 up and my job done I decided to take a well deserved break on the bench, I am sure the Hockey kept on going in the background but I was keenly focused on my mango & passion-fruit lucozade and no one scored so it couldn’t have been that good.

-Half time- 2-1 Adel

Some great words were said at half time, mostly the announcement that I would be coming back onto the pitch.. happy days. Adel began to dominate the game with some great stuff from Rich Partner controlling our tempo and pushing the team forward as always (dont drop me Rich). But suddenly disaster struck; I found myself on the floor..dazed and with a very numb face. Turns out I had run full pelt into a solid Worksopian shoulder. The crowd were silent in shock & fear but the words of Balboa rang true “It Ain’t how had you hit.. its how hard you can get hit and keep on moving forward’ needless to say about 2min later after some admittedly decent work by Holford in the D I was able to deflect his ball across the D into the goal. 3-1 Adel and some would say that the most crucial goal had just been scored.

Unfortunately my high impact collision had resulted in a nosebleed so I had to take my second trip to the bench. This time as the hockey played out the club doctor Dave Mattison interestingly instructed me that you actually hold your head down to stop a nose bleed and not up like in the movies. While this valuable information was sinking in I am reliably told that Ed Holdford miss-hit/scooped a shot from the edge of the D for Sam to finish with great aplomb from 2 inches out.
4-1 Adel and we started playing some of our best hockey. Consistent patience and pressure in the build up with Bayford linking well with his midfield resulting in Sam Jackson lost with the ball in the D, luckily for all of us Max Lockyer was on hand to help him by taking the ball off his stick and finishing it in the bottom corner for 5-1 and overall a satisfying performance.

MoM – As always Ed Crocker got a plethora of votes for just ‘tackling people’ but it ended up going to Rich Partner for a commanding performance in the centre of the park
DoD – Should have gone to our keeper but no-one actually knows or cares about his name so I got it by default for non hockey reasons. 

A Match report written by Andy Boag