2On what appeared to be the sunniest day in November, Ladies 4s for the first time this season, started last Saturdays match with only 11 players. The idea of no breaks did not sit well with most!

Ben Rhydding are always a team to watch out for and they made sure they tested us this time round. Young players and older more experience hard hitting players on both sides made this game a challenge. Great switching tactics from left to right saw the ball move quickly as Adel dominated the game initially. Between Pam, Anna and Katie, defence on the right was a force not to be reckoned with. An opportunistic goal from Rach Bishop brought us hope. An expected goal from Pam during a penalty corner brought us security. Or so we thought. Add in some penalty corners for the opposition, mix it up with some old school experience, distract the defenders for a  moment and next thing we know, BR had drawn even…!!! Fathima was not happy “Adel, we are NOT going home with a mere draw!”

Drop in a couple of angry warnings from the umpires and a green card for the opposition. Might as well liven things up in Bradford while we are here.

Chances come and go, everyone runs in the D or no one is there. But in one hazy moment, somehow, the captain saw the unclaimed ball 1 metre from the opposing GK and 4 defenders. A chance hit towards them before falling flat on the wet ground transpired into an accurate flick to the top right corner of the net! Who would have ever guessed…?!

Those sandwiches and chips for tea couldn’t come by any faster!

D ot D- Ellie Pritchard- great defending but hungover AGAI N!

M ot M- Fathima Patel- Skillful goal she didn’t even see go in due to possessing 2 left feet….

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