Most of you will have already been playing in the summer league hockey at Adel or be ready for the start of the mens summer league shortly.  Traditionally, hockey was always a winter sport but with the switch to astroturf hockey is now very much a sport for all seasons.  Ladies summer league has been successfully up and running throughout May and June, mixed summer league started this week and fitness levels have been maintained ahead of the next league season in September.

But away from the Adel astro, many of our club members (past and present) have been playing representative hockey at a variety of levels.  We now have 2 Welsh internationals in our ranks at both ends of the age range spectrum.  Congratulations to Katy Gannon who played for Wales Under 16s recently and who one day in the future might join Ian Phillips as a Welsh veteran player too!  Ian has been globe-trotting around various outposts of Europe with the Wales over 70s team with trips to France and Ireland and occasionally he competes against the Scottish Grand masters who often include another of our long standing club members, David Margerison.  No doubt the two Adel life members promote the club on the international stage whilst maintaining longstanding hockey friendships.

June also sees the boys junior festival of hockey at Beeston where regional under 13 teams compete against each other in a very well run tournament.  Several of our former juniors have attended this in previous years and its a great opportunity for the boys to compete against players from across all of Great Britain.  Nordest (North East) this year had 4 boys from Adel in their squad with Charlie Sutton, Mikey McWilliams, Tom Aldred and Joe Grier all participating and having an enjoyable weekend where one of the Nordest teams finished a credible runners up in their group.  We look forward to seeing all of these boys further their hockey career at Adel in the senior teams next season, alongside our grandmasters who can no doubt pass on their wise words before the youngsters progress to higher sides in the club.

For those of you able to watch BT Sport, you will hopefully have seen the Ladies and mens England teams participating in the world league semi-finals at Lea Valley, site of the London 2012 Olympics.  Sadly, former Adel junior Suzy Petty is still recovering from injury so has had to watch from the sidelines but she appears to be one of the main cheerleaders for the mens team over the weekend on the Sofa at pitchside.

Last weekend saw the Adel Gala, a collective effort organised by AWMA and the local Adel Neighbourhood Community as part of the Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox.  The weather made sure there was a great turn out and each section at AWMA was able to showcase their section with “have a go” sessions and promoting the club, particularly the junior section.  It was great to see so many youngsters wanting to have a go at hockey and hopefully they will come along to junior training when they are old enough.  Thanks to Sophie, Hannah, Phil, Alex and Will for organising the hockey stall, as well as resident guest keeper Ronnie the Rhino who looked like he could give us some healthy competition in the mens section next season for the first team goalkeeping slot.  Thanks too to Richard Poll who attended many planning meetings as the hockey section rep to ensure things went smoothly on the day.

You may have noticed that some of the old goals used for summer league have nice new nets on them – a welcome bonus for umpires who have had to decide if a shot had gone through the side netting in the past.  Thanks to Paul Lewis for sorting these out, as well as acting as Bob the Builder and doing running repairs to the goals so they can last a bit longer.  Please make sure the orange goals are padlocked to the back fencing after use and that the old goals are similarly padlocked when they arrive so they are all only used for hockey purposes in order to lengthen their lifespan.

As a final reminder, please try and make sure we look after our facilities at Adel – in particular clearing away the rubbish at the pitch after each game so the next users find the pitch clean and ready for use.  Green wheely bins are dotted around the grounds so please use them and encourage our opposition to do so as well.

Enjoy the rest of the summer hockey

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