Last Saturday the Ladies 4s had a blast. We started slow but had lots of possession and territory but couldn’t manage to beat York’s strong defence. However, towards the end of the first half our perseverance and pressure paid off (and we remembered how to score): a short corner was taken with a straight strike from Charlie and we were away! We went into half-time with the momentum behind us and after a rousing and inspirational team talk from yours truly the team went out into the second half with a renewed passion.

Charlie was the first one off the bat again in the second half, scoring minutes in after a lovely run up the left side of the pitch from Iona, a pass down the line to Emily who crossed it into Charlie who put it away. Textbook. People were getting a tad jealous now and it was Hattie on the rampage down the wing, refusing to give up as she and Meg fired rebounds at the keeper until Hattie managed to slip one through. 3-0, we were on a roll! With little to do at the back Pam got a bit bored and decided to become more involved in the game, a very good decision – she took a long corner, passed to Kat out wide who ran to the edge of the D, made a pass into the D to Becky who flicked it past the keeper to add to our growing tally.

One really lovely thing to watch in this match was the transfers across the back. Engineered by Ellie and Bish, the passing from Sarah and Millie was really good and they were always in space available for the pass if a midfielder was in a pickle. This created the space for Emily to receive the ball in space on the edge of the D and dodging a defender cracked it past the keeper. Not long after, Charlie not content with a hatrick was gunning for more, smashing it at the goal only for it to be saved by a defenders thigh.. penalty flick time. Charlie did not disappoint and put it away with the final score 7-0.

Great game girls, we really stepped up the second half and it made all the difference, we showed we weren’t content to just win, everyone wanted those goals! Special mention to Stella who touched the ball once all game and to Sarah W on her 4s debut, great game well done!


MOM: Charlie – smashed it mate.

DOD: Becky for missing a sitter and for the shocked look on her face when she did score! A notable mention to Sarina who managed to take out a player 4 times her size in an impressive tumble!

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