by Phill Wright

Further to the pre-season performance manual, here’s a few pointers to get the most out of your prep for the new season along with some short instructional videos to better explain the workouts.

Simple pointers

  1. Take ownership & set your goals – it’s your pre-season! Not mine but yours! Write your name on the manual and set yourself some goals. Be specific about them as well as realistic and select something that is measurable. If it’s speed you’re after then why not opt for being faster over 50m? If it’s endurance then select something more in line with endurance that is measurable – of course we have the 5 minute fitness assessment that will show your progress but you may want to select mid / long term goals that are further into the season that you can track. To make your goals a little more embossed in your plans, write them down and share them with someone close.
  2. Look at the 12 daily habits and select at least 2 that perhaps you’re not doing right now but you could put a tick next to with a little effort. Make it your job to commit to those over the next 4 weeks.
  3. Look at the periodisation plan and see how you can take on the workouts. Make sure you understand them and if not, please shout up – just drop me an email if you have any questions. It’s not a biggie if you miss the odd session but aim to keep up the volume where possible. Jumbling the order around is fine – it’s listed as the ideal way but life often throws curveballs that are far from ideal so do what you can when you can.
  4. Stay sensible on the nutritional side. You don’t need me to tell you that nutrition has huge influence over your health and fitness. Eat well / stay hydrated / avoid crap loads of sugar and but make sure you enjoy the occasional treat.


Conditioning A

Conditioning B

Strength A

Strength B

Strength Power A

Strength Power B

If you’d like to be confident that your technique is on point then you’re more than welcome to pop down to Primal Gym at any point and I’ll arrange for you to spend some time with one of our coaches. Just drop me an email and let me know when you’d like to visit.

Hope this is helpful

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