Match Report by Damian Greig.

On Saturday Adel 4s hosted an Airedale side that only brought 9 players with them, one of whom was a stand in goalkeeper, who in fairness made some outstanding stops and saves.


The game started at a fast pace and very soon the Airedale defence were tested as Greig had a shot deflected over the bar and out of the pitch. This was a plus for Adel as when Studholme went to retrieve the ball he returned with three. It wasn’t long before the defence were tested again, a 3 on 2 attack where both supporting players were screaming for the ball. But this was to be to no avail as being a defender Beale very rarely gets up that end of the pitch and saw nothing but his name in lights. Screams of “slip the ball” and “yes, Tom yes” quickly turned to “or score”. A great placed finish saw the team take a one goal advantage, which was soon doubled and then tripled by Greig. Scoring one on his front stick and the other on his reverse some might say he was on the way to a perfect hat trick. All that was needed now was a flick…………

Thinking this was going to be a walkover Adel pushed forward, forgetting that there’s a defensive part of the game too. This was proven when Airedale on the counter attack, watched by the majority of the Adel side, won a short corner. With lots of squeaky bums and fantasy points at stake the hopes and dreams of a free Chairman’s pint (with a shed load of straws) were soon put to rest as Airedale converted their opportunity well. Low and behold just moments later Adel displayed some amazing passing play taking the ball from the defence through the midfield and finding Beale in the D. The ball passed the keeper off his line but was then stopped by an unaware, or very clever, youngster behind him with his foot. The stroke was awarded and Beale unselfishly gave it to Greig for the chance of obtaining his hat trick. Greig stepped up and slotted home providing him with his first half hat trick.

Studholme then came onto the pitch to show Brayshaw how an impact sub should respond by slotting home a first time slap from the furthest away from goal he’d ever scored. Brayshaw, inspired by what he’d just seen the silver haired veteran do, came on himself to score and celebrated the occasion as if he’d won the Euromillions with a pound he’d found down the back of a sofa in a lap dancing bar.

Whilst playing his debut as a midfielder ‘defender Taylor’ first missed a hat trick of chances, whilst slipping and falling over, before surprisingly slotting the ball home through his own legs.Taylor’s second goal of the game came just before halftime taking them into a comfortable team talk 8-1 to the good.

There were some inspirational words spoken by lots of people at half time but none more inspirational than “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s what you do with your dancing shoes”.

Returning to the pitch for the second half, and even though the clean sheet and the pint were gone, Adel were hopelessly devoted to not conceding any more goals. Putting Airedale at an even bigger disadvantage Ellis Jnr tried his luck at starting the last 35 mins with 12 players on the pitch.

So the second half started in a very similar vein as the first, lots of fast paced passing from back to front through a very rampant midfield up to the forwards. Some amazing runs from Nichols saw him serve appetising balls on silver platters for both Brayshaw and Beale to double their tally for the match. Not to be outdone Ellis Jnr made some great bursts, winning the team several short corners, the first of which Greig did a good old fashioned ‘Stop it, smash it’ and scored his fourth of the day.

When the legs of the Airedale players were starting to give in Adel knew they had to up the pace. A midway point in the second half provided some unusual antics by Airedale, leaving sticks in challenges, playing people’s legs instead of the ball, sticking elbows in backs, ribs and anywhere else, and the odd kick. Not impressed with these new found ‘bully boy’ tactics Greig took it upon himself to address the issue.

Unfortunately for Greig this was not how the umpires interpreted it and without hesitation and faster than greased lightning Greig was shown a green card, to which Greig responded “there are worse things I could do”. This act was received with mixed reviews as some members thought this behaviour was that of someone who should be awarded ‘DOTD’ where as others were saying it needed to be done and gave ‘man of the match’. Either way this behaviour wasn’t what was wanted or needed so ‘Skipper Ellis’ had a word, or two, in his ear which resulted in him also getting a ‘DOTD’ vote.

The umpires reminded both teams “Let’s keep it clean, people. Let’s keep it clean”. Adel, although still having a man advantage, were now down to 10 players and allowed the pressure to show slightly. With Ellis Snr at the back and Grindrod just in front Airedale had no chance and just as Greig’s suspension ended Adel won another short corner. So with fire in his belly and a point to prove he stepped up and struck home again.

Brayshaw then found himself one on one with the keeper who was lucky to find himself on the pitch after straying well out of his ‘D’ to kick the ball. Brayshaw, still looking for his hat trick, wound up tighter than Phelp’s speedo’s to unleash a fierce shot. It was soaring, tearing, speeding……………….past the post, then the keeper swung out his foot and directed it back inside his own goal. Brayshaw celebrated his hat trick like Nobby Styles after winning the 1966 World Cup. His face was priceless when he was told it was an own goal….. but we all know that there’s no such thing anymore so hat trick it was. The next goal came as the keeper, trying to make up for his earlier error, slid out to take the ball away from Greig’s stick end. Greig rolled out just like he’d been taught by the coaches at training and slotted home between the two scurrying defenders. The last goal of the match then came when Greig turned provider as he unselfishly set Beale up for his hat trick knowing he had come so close in the previous two weeks, after failing by one goal in each match.

Well, you know, there are a lot of other sports that don’t require any physical contact. This wasn’t one of them and although the Airedale side turned up light, it was the Adel side that were definitely the heavyweights in this bout.

Triumphant to the score of 16-1, great teamwork all round, MOTM Greig (6 goals) DOTD Greig (Til I’m gone, no letting go, pass out, girls like).

Next week sees the undefeated Phwoars on tour to York an early start… so plenty of time to wind down afterwards in the bar.