Another great weekend of hockey for Leeds Adel this Saturday with both our first teams taking convincing wins against their opponents, followed by the Ladies 5s and then Mighty phwoars rounding off the day with a 16:30 pushback against Halifax 4s.

The reverse of this fixture was played on remembrance Sunday and was a very tense affair that saw us go 0-1 down, then 3-1 up, then 3-4 down, but snatched the 3 points 5-4 in the closing minutes. We were thankful Joe “super competitive” Phelps wasn’t with us that day or he would probably would suffered from a stress related stroke. With this in mind we pulled in Clare for some late night coaching on Friday and side-line support for the game which proved effective as we started the game strong and quickly bagged 3 goals.

The first came from Matt Brown driving down the right wing, across the baseline and then slotted the ball between the keeper and the near post. A goal that umpire Jim Cockburn was confused about for several moments after it hit the backboard. The second was largely the same but the ball manged to go around the keeper to be tapped home by either Rich or Joe, I can’t remember which. The third goal was a penalty stroke awarded from a stick tackle on Matt Brown followed by a foot on the goal line. Charlie was keen to take the chance and flung the ball into the bottom right corner to add to his growing tally this season and showing me how to take a p-flick properly.

As the half progressed we managed to snag another 2 courtesy of Matt Brown and Rich/Joe, it was the one who didn’t score the first time. The Halifax keeper deserves a mention after making some impressive saves to keep us at bay and they had some physical midfielders that tested our backline on more than one occasion. Having only conceded 20 goals this season our defence held strong with Mr Crocker making an excellent goal line clearance to keep our clean sheet intact.

Words of encouragement from Clare at half time and we came back onto the pitch fired up for the remaining 35 minutes. A high work rate from everyone involved meant it was a box to box game and a great watch for the supporters who stuck around despite the temperature. We were taken to 10 men at one point with Greg being carded for a less than sporting stick tackle but Halifax were unable to capitalise on this opportunity.

As the game neared the conclusion the ever ambitious Charlie launched great aerial pass to Allan behind the defenders, nearly upper cutting a Halifax player in the process which meant it was counted against him. The final goal of the day came about from our youngest player and current top goal scorer. Charlie struck the ball from the top of the D and Allan was there to make a great deflection that would make our first team green with envy. With this win we have narrowed the goal difference gap between ourselves and Worksop as we look to take 1st place in the league with 4 games remaining.

MotM was an easy win for Matt Brown with 8 votes due to his 2 goals and working like mad on the right wing. DotD was also taken by Matt Brown for comments made about the Scottish ladies curling team and how they would look in a Sauna. Luke Taylor was a close second for buying a jacket that he can’t zip up. And Phelps took a vote or two for his usual “polite” disagreement with keeper Andy Miles. A huge thanks from everyone in the 4s to coach Clare for giving us great advice on the side-line and Friday night, hopefully we can keep this kind of hockey going for the remainder of the season as we push for the number 1 spot. Onwards to next week as we travel to Bradford to take on their 4th team.

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