The ladies 4s team turned up at Adel on a dark and very cold Saturday afternoon to face Thirsk 3s. Adel dominated throughout the first half putting Thirsk under heavy pressure with plenty of shots on goal and some great runs down the wing by Emily and Millie. Stanners did a great job playing CH, helping Adel take control of the game and directing the play. Ellie similarly as the high FB did some lovely transfers across the back, switching up the game and enabling us to take our time on the ball and control the play. Our press was the best I’ve seen it so far this season with next to no balls making it through. Unfortunately, despite our control of play, and numerous shots on target in the D, we really struggled to beat their keeper and defence, a real testament to Thirsk considering the pressure they were under. Just before the half time whistle they were on the break and managed to beat the defence to have a 2 on 1 with the keeper… as it was myself the captain in goal and not our usual stellar Stella it is unsurprising that this did not go in Adel’s favour. 1-0 down at half-time.

We entered half-time a very determined side. The HB’s Catherine and Katie did a great job offering the pass back and showing off their tackling and 3D skills. The communication between these girls and inners Jenny, Iona and Emily was great and helped set up a lot of our chances in their 23. Many long corners and a few shorts later still with nothing to show from it despite a few near conversions from our fabulous forwards Becky, Charlie, Meg and Sarina we were all getting really frustrated. This became most apparent when Pam took matters into her own hands, taking control and pushing up she shaped the game from on high. Spurred on by this, Adel persevered with renewed energy and this was soon rewarded when a strike by Charlie was saved on the line by the defender’s leg, a great spot from the umpire and it was a penalty flick. Pam stepped up to take it whilst Ellie rallied the troops to talk tactics in a brief respite from the game. A tense few seconds followed as Pam went for the corner and slipped it past the keeper –YES! 1-1! Delighted Adel continued the fight but not long after the final whistle blew.

To conclude a very cold, tough, well fought match and I’m really proud of the girls for battling through a frustrating game, we’ll get them next time!


MOM: Pam for saving the day with a wonderful flick.

DOD: Charlie for deciding to sit down on the pitch instead of tackle the player.

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This years 4s ladies hockey captain!