Adel ladies 4s started early on a chilly Saturday morning, the challenge: Horsforth 1s. The team started slow but after the first 10 minutes or so we were in gear, switched on and hungry for a goal.  Helen, Bish and Iona worked well in the midfield doing some great triangle work and moving the ball out wide as we attacked. This helped set in our first goal: Bish into Helen out to Emily on the wing who crossed it into Sarina on the post who found the mark. 1-0 – Yes! The half proceeded with Adel getting away more strikes on goal from Charlie and Becky but unable to convert we soldiered on, determined. We had a few scares in the half but with Pam and Kat reliable as ever in defence there was no getting through.


We went into half-time 1-0 up but within 10 minutes we were on the back foot 2-1 down as they broke down the right wing and unfortunately the defence couldn’t do enough to stop them finding their mark. A sense of urgency set in, we wanted, needed another goal and we knew we would be desperately disappointed if we lost this match. Tension was running high, thankfully Becky provided some much needed relief: a great ball in from Charlie to set up the goal, keeper went down to defend it, Becky sidestepped and just like we’d practised that training session (thanks Sam!) flicked it round and over the GK into the net. Equalised 2-2 (thank God). Hungry for more Adel pushed up again and this time it was Millie on the run down the left wing, great ball down the line to Sarina who popped it into a waiting Helen in the D, she slipped it L to Meg and it was 3-2. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to last as some fumbling on a free hit by the captain (sorry guys) led to another break away by Horsforth and 1, which they just managed to  slip past Stella to come level with minutes to spare.


Fina score 3-3. To conclude, a well fought match with a fantastic work rate, I’m really proud of all of you well done!

MOM- Millie for really great work as half back. DOD- myself for completely losing my head when I had the ball..

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This years 4s ladies hockey captain!