We have previously publicised the excursions of some of our members (past and present) who go on to earn representative honours and everyone must by now (well if you meet them in the bar you will) be aware of the way David Margerison and Ian Phillips spend their hard earned pensions in retirement as they travel around the globe playing on the Masters hockey scene for Scotland and Wales respectively.

We can now add another Masters international to our ranks with new 4th team skipper, Nic Crocker playing for England LX (over 60s for those of you unfamiliar with Roman numerals) at a tournament in Dundee earlier in the month.  Nic was part of the successful England team who won all 4 of their games, but he also got in some practice for the new season with Adel by skippering the team as well.

The Dundee tournament saw tournaments for over 60, over 65 and over 70s for both men and women from the home nations.  As you might expect, both McMadge and Sniffer managed to also find their way to Dundee to play for their “home” nation too.

The photo in this article is kindly reproduced with the permission of Paul Quinn who took a shot of our three golden oldies.

So, we now have the proverbial Englishman, Scotsman and Welshman….. all we need is an Irishman to complete the set – by my reckoning anyone out there born in the Emerald Isle or once had a pint of Guinness within sight of the River Liffey should be eligible – any takers?

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