If you are new to Adel HC, as many of you will be, I hope you are settling in well and enjoying the club on the pitch, at training and in the bar after the games.

As many of you will have seen on Facebook (I know you don’t all Facebook!) we have successfully been given a place in Div 5 South to launch our new Adel Mens 6th team which will be led by the fantastic Stefan Palenski. Stefan already does a fantastic job along with our other junior coaches on a Friday night and taking on this role will help strengthen our pathways of junior development into the senior teams along with the great work already done by the 5th team headed up by Mr Poll and their loyal supporters.

This team is a response to the growing numbers in the Mens section off the back of 4 promotions last year and a great coaching set up and welcoming environment that is seeing old players return, juniors move into the adult section and new additions to Adel from clubs both local and afar. Of course some people will find themselves moving squads as a result. To those people I urge you to play hard, train hard and contribute to the club on and off the pitch and be noticed in a positive way. I am more than happy to have chats with anybody about this but it is vital that senior players across the club set the standard with their attitude to training, warm ups and playing on the pitch to the juniors and players within the squads.

I also want to say a huge Thank You to Mr President Ian Phillips who has put in a lot of work to make this happen (he may stop stealing juniors goals now as well…). The work Ian and Gabby do for us as fixtures sec is incredible so if you see either in the bar soon please do get them a drink. They will need one!

I look forward to updating everyone on the success of the 6th team and all the other Mens sides in a few weeks time when we pick up with an update on the first few months of the season.

Best wishes
Tom Beale
Mens Club Captain

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