Can you spare a few minutes, an hour, a day?

This weekend we’ll be running our first ‘muck-in’ weekend where we invite all members to come and do their bit for the club.

This year we’re building a path.

To complement the new fencing and dugouts we’re building a new length of paving along the edge between the football and hockey pitches and extending the path towards a new gate at the far end of the pitch (getting ready for a warm-up pitch at the far end).


Keep your astros clean on game-days, allow for better access for prams/ wheelchairs, and get the club ready for further development!

Clubwide projects like this have saved several thousands of pounds over the past few years. From knocking down the dugouts, building new goals to removing the old astroturf pitch by hand.

With your help we can further push on further!

12pm onwards on Saturday and Sunday. Refreshments provided. Why not hang around for the champions league final on the Saturday and enjoy the atmosphere at the club too?

Please bring any spades, mattocks, wheelbarrows etc that might be helpful!

All welcome!


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