Nic Crocker has been asked by Bill Barton [who runs North vet’s hockey] whether there are any of Adel’s over 40 [and above] who are keen to play North veterans [and attend the training sessions on the relevant Sundays] – there is Over 40, 45, 50 and 55 [and doubtless above that too – but his main focus is 40 to 60]

Linked to this Wakefield have got a side in the Over 50’s Cup/Trophy [whichever level it is that allows more non-Wakefield club members to play – I think he said they can have up to 6 clubs …..] – there is a game at Doncaster 6 November at 2pm kick-off – I have been asked by Gordy Gray [actually an Over 60] who runs/ captains that team to let him have details of anyone from Adel who’d be keen to join in

Please let me know if you are interested [and in which]

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