img_0219After a week of logistical discussions the 2s set off for a long away journey to the drizzly depths of Lincoln Lindum. The WhatsApp chat from rich partner along route was one that entertained and confused the passengers of the packed cars, not least when we were told ‘they have a couple of playmakers both will self-destruct their own team”. None of us sure how you can self destruct a team but we rolled with it. All cars managing to arrive on time (some hiding from Rich) meant a quick discussion, and clarification, in the changing rooms then out for a Sam Jackson warm up followed by the inevitable cool down, due to the over eagerness of said person, and having to wait another 10 minutes to get on the pitch.

The game was pretty frenetic from the start, the bouncy pitch not helping either side settle, but Adel seemed to have more of the early ball in the first half. This was soon punctuated by a break away goal coming from our left leaving out defence scratching their heads as we went 1-0 down. Adel continued to push, however giving the ball away cheaply, usually due to the bouncy passes allowing the opposition time to pounce and our usual problem of trying to pass through or dribble round players, the ball found its way to our left again and a combination of too much pace and an ill timed positional adjustment meant another goal. 2-0 half time. Words were had at half time and mindsets were changed and we came out confident we could get something out of the game. The passing improved resulting in more opportunities for the forwards. Short corners were won and one eventually found its way to Horsey on the left who duly buried it to pull one back for the visitors. More chances came and a couple of typically horsey efforts, back to goal, managed to sneak wide and hit the post. A frantic last 10 minutes, from both teams found another short corner won by the day glow oranges. The ball found its way to Sham at the top of the D (but ‘miles inside’) who managed to sneak it passed the keeper and a diving Sam (who tried to claim the goal) to see us draw level. Both teams spent the next 5 minutes trying to keep hold of the ball, with neither team doing too much of a good job of it, but the game petered out into a well deserved draw for both teams. The game was played hard but in excellent spirits and not a cross word was spoken. Makes a pleasant change.

DOD -Sham – trying to send off his own player when it was the opposition with the green card and taking a seemingly VERY short corner from the wrong line.

MOM – Amazingly Andy Boag. – Good running (which I think was in the warm up) and overall a decent game.

Champagne moment – Horsey – with a spectacularly good miss.

A match report my Paul Horsey