On a quiet and reflective remembrance Sunday the “best goal of the season” as one spectator put it was scored by the Mens 2nd team.

It was mid way through the second half when Sheffield Bankers had what must have been their first attack of the day venturing down the right of Adel. With attackers flooding forward Tim Brazier made a crucial tackle dispossessing the tricky right winger, emerging with his head up and the vision to place a beautiful ball straight down the line for the run of Edward Blight. At this stage the crowd starter to rumble with anticipation of a possible counter attack, however Sheffield’s defence was 4 strong and only one striker had joined Ed into the oppositions half. This did not deter Ed as he drove strongly down the line into the oppositions 25, whilst the supporting striker turned on the after burners with a majestic run an inch perfect cross came in. The keeper didn’t move, the defenders were helpless and the crowd were on their feet as the striker opened up his stick and deflected the ball perfectly into the back of the net. The crowd went wild and the Adel players swamped the striker and Ed for creating such an amazingly brilliant goal.

We also scored 5 other goals, conceded 2 and Sam got his usual yellow card.

MOTM – Matt Ball for scoring a couple of goals

DOTD – Philip Bayford for cleaning his trainers


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