Adel arrived on a wet and miserable day, looking to avenge the previous visit to Horbury still etched on a number of the players’ minds.

It was Slazenger’s game plan that game out on top, defending resolutely and breaking with pace and precision that had not tested the Adel backline in the league to date.

Adel attacked wave after wave in the opening moments, however found themselves up against a strong & physical side.

Slazenger took the lead, when their centre-forward found the back to the goal through the second opportunity after Taylor had denied the first strike. The second game shortly after when Slaz finished from a short distance at a PC.

Adel just weren’t at their best, and went in to the break behind for the second time in 2015, the first was in this fixture last year in January.

The second half Adel started sprightly looking to claw back the deficit as early as possible to give themselves the best chance. Purdy did just that, finishing neatly from Hendley’s ball in.

However this didn’t last long, as the away side were left frustrated when Slazenger’s forward was given two attempts to swing at the ball. The second putting the ball past Taylor, and the two goal cushion restored for the home side.

To their credit, Adel battled away. Resilience from Robinson, Mayhew, Evans and Fuller tried and tried but the final touch, or final ball left the Adel bench frustrated. At the other end Hill was left perplexed when a PC was awarded, and duly dispatched by the home side to extend their lead and all-but confirm Adel’s first loss of the season.

Hendley was to add a consolation from one of their own PC’s after the final whistle, to make the final score a little more favourable.

Lessons learned, and Adel move on to focussing on their game against Airedale 1st XI.

MotM – Robinson

DotD – Evans

Thanks as always to the Ultras who show their support home and away.