Words by Paul Lewis

Adel Men’s 1st XI: An Ode

(Aka. Adel 5 v 3 Hallam)

The leaves in the trees may be on the turn;

Rich Partner’s deep heat, is on full burn.

As winter draws near,

There seems to be no opponent to fear.


Goals galore and another victory,

Adel Men did battle with Hallam featuring Will Powley.

Penalty corners, and dragg’d flicks,

Hope is building – is promotion in the mix?


Victory secured by men in the first of the game,

But the second half boys sought someone to blame.

Mixed fortunes for our brave players,

But three points in the bag – take heed you naysayers.


Three nil Adel at the break,

Hallam foundations began to flake.

But the second half of low quality hock,

Sees Adel players reflecting, after taking a knock.


Going forwards a threat, to any Yorkshire side,

Adel scored early and quickly got into their stride.

Jaap Kastelik, Hendley and Hendley again,

What a performance from the big man Ben.


The second period more of a chore,

Adel’s possession and passing was poor.

Goals for Hallam, a glimmer of hope,

But Watkins and Heslip respond with goals that were dope.


Our attack is relentless,

Often full of finesse.

Small margins in games,

Will help us realise our aims.


We’re battling hard in the league,

Staying out of the pub.

Our objective is clear;

To be the pride of the Club.


(Thanks to the officials and Ultras who support us home and away).


MoM – Paul W. Showed us what we’ve missed over the last two weeks.

DoD – Ransley. Avoided the usual card (in this game…)