Its only fitting that after seeing the mens section win 6 from 6 on the same day, they you find out a bit more about mens club captain, Tom Beale.  With a bit of luck he will miss this being posted with the other distraction in his life with Baby Beale due to make an appearance later this week – Tom can then take over childcare duties and allow Sammy back on to the playing field perhaps!

Anyway, here’s what you need to know about Tom…..


  1. Name – Tom Beale
  2. Role at Adel – Mens Club Captain
  3. What is best part of doing that role, and what is worst part – Interacting with all 6 of our teams, playing, watching or umpiring I am proud that I know and speak to all our playing members on a regular basis and have got down to at least 2 games for all sides so far this season and will continue to watch and support as many games as I can. I am really passionate about junior development through adult hockey and am proud of the 10 + juniors we have in the 2s 3s 4s 5s and 6s and am really excited to see who from our very talented bunch can break into Ben and Nathans 1s team this season! (Ed – I have it on official authority that this weekend may see your passion spill over with a 1s debutant)
  4. When joined Adel – September 2014 when I first moved to the area
  5. Best ever moment in an Adel shirt – Managed to bag a couple of hat tricks along the way but my favourite memory is doubling up to play for the 2s against Airedale at home last season. Having already played 70 minutes for the 3s jumped in the car hot footed it back to Adel and stole Sam Jacksons starting place. I still don’t think he has forgiven Holford! (Ed – best not tell the league this or we will be accused of playing ringers from higher teams)
  6. Trophies won at Adel (and elsewhere for hockey related activity) – Plenty of promotions in the mens sections over the last couple of seasons. Could have been a few cup successes if a certain mens 4s captain Ross Nicholls could take a penalty flick
  7. Previous clubs played for – None – #ATID
  8. Away from Adel what’s the day job – Recruitment – Used to just be accountants but there are too many of them in the club now so I have broadened out and work for Medical Protection Society which I am sure our healthy Medics section will know.
  9. What do you like best at Adel as a club – The club spirit and openness. I moved to the area and knew nobody and was immediately welcomed into the club. My first contact was a certain Matty Brayshaw who was brilliant in getting me into the social and playing side of things having never really played before. The club has grown socially in the years since and last years Blackpool tour was fantastic as all 10 of the sides were represented showing that it doesn’t matter what team you play for you are just as welcome in the bar after the game.
  10. What would you like to see the club do to develop further – 2nd pitch and getting our juniors fully integrated and getting all of our players playing at a level they can enjoy but are suitably challenged. I honestly believe you are never too old to improve and learn things and it’s a real misconception that its only juniors and new players who can improve. I think we have some great coaches and great experience within the club and anybody can ask for help and feedback and it will be provided so you can keen on bettering yourself.
  11. Best player you ever played with and against – Not really ventured out or played long enough to do a Simon Ball and drop some names here… So, going to take the fines on the chin and say Sammy. One legged last year she was still brilliant and whilst we have some International representation on the Mens side she’s the only I have played with who has done it for England (I think) and not our Celtic neighbours (Ed – see the other article to show the club has got a few ladies representing England this month!)
  12. If you  had a dream dinner party, which three other club members would you invite – Rob Higgins (Obviously Chef and all round hero) Luke Meaton (Entertainment factor and as a veggie wouldn’t eat the good stuff) James Moorhouse (In charge of drinks and music) (Ed – not Sammy then??)
  13. Best ever Adel social you have attended– Wakey and Blackpool are always great, but last years’ Beer Pong Tournament was amazing. We were keen enough to get shirts made up (Orange of course) and Sink or Rim did us all proud
  14. Tour nickname and why  – One eyed snake …. I only have one eye and have an unfair reputation as a snake having deserted the 4s to go and play higher up the club
  15. How and why did you get into hockey – Shoulders kept falling out so Rugby was off the table – I like hitting balls at cricket and hockey seemed to be a good mix.
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