At the last committee meeting we agreed to provide more information on each of the key committee members to raise awareness of their role at Adel and to help new club members try and understand how our club works and fits in with the wider Adel War Memorial Association.

Each week I will introduce you to one of the committee and they have provided answers to a set of questions to help you understand their role, how they may be able to help you as a club member and how and why they ended up playing hockey at Adel and what they enjoy about the place they spend so much time at.

This week its the turn of ladies club captain, Gabby Nusenbaum, although this is only one of her roles at the club.  (Ed: the odd answer here and there may have been tweaked due to the modesty of some respondents)

Gabrielle Nusenbaum

Role at Adel – Ladies Club Captain, Ladies Fixture Secretary, AWMA council rep and previously Social Secretary for many years overseeing all of the organisation for a variety of end of season dinners

What is best/worst part of doing that role – Best part is making sure everything is as organised as possible for games, and the ladies section every week (I love a spreadsheet).  I enjoy seeing the ladies progress within or throughout the squads with their hockey as well. No general negative for the ladies section – my motto is ‘I’m not pizza, so you can’t make everyone happy…,’ and sometimes you just have to roll with it!  Worst part for being a fixture sec is when a game is cancelled, or the weather is going to be cold the night before – you spend the whole time checking the weather, praying that it’s not cancelled so you don’t have to rearrange! (However, Ian the mens fixture secretary makes life very easy!!!)

When joined Adel – August 2012 (clearly inspired by the London 2012 Olympics then)

Best ever moment in an Adel shirt – There have been a few! Narrowed down, getting promoted the first year as Captain of ladies 3s in 2016 into Division 2.  Sometimes difficult, but absolutely brilliant playing with all those ladies. Also, playing my first season in Ladies 2s last year – I can honestly say I had never laughed with a group of girls as much as I did with them in an Adel shirt every week!

Trophies won at Adel – Winning the Eileen Clarke Trophy for good service at Adel, Division 3 Yorkshire hockey champions 2016 with Ladies 3s and Yorkshire Premier Champions with Ladies 2s in 2018

Previous clubs played for – None (#ATID)

Day job way from Adel – I work in property, spend some of my time recovering stolen fast cars for my family, look after my husband and dog

What do you like best about Adel as a club – Its diversity with many different kinds of people from all areas of life, who all get together because they simply enjoy hockey.  I like how friendly it is (even though mixed inter club tournaments at Adel would probably say differently)!

What would you like to see the club do to develop further – Develop more with schools within the area, more charity work and link ups with the community we’re based in, as well as achieve more success in the Yorkshire and North Leagues.  Another pitch, state of the art facilities…. (but at least we have cracking teas after every game now!!)

Best player you ever played with and against – Very difficult to just say the one after being at Adel for a while…  Katy Blyth was a cracking player, and would say Sarah McCall and Charlie Hall in goal – when either were in goal you knew you were pretty safe that no one was scoring – and if some poor forward attempted to, you knew they were going to be taken out!

If you had a dream dinner party, which three other club members would you invite – I’d invite Rachel Barson, Ian Phillips and Rich Poll (only as he’d probably not turn up, and I’d have another portion of food to myself….)

Best ever Adel social you have attended – Always the End of Season dinners I’d organised over the years – many regrettable decisions by some members over the years, but always worth organising

Tour nickname and why – What goes on tour stays on tour! They shall forever remain a secret!!

How and why did you get into hockey – My husband was playing ice hockey, and he enjoyed being part of a team, so I decided to find a hockey club!

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