Alderley Edge is a village in Cheshire and is one of the most expensive and sought-after places to live in the UK outside central London (Wikipedia). Unfortunately the Skipper managed to get us to the clubhouse an hour early, so we enjoyed a pre-match beer in the afternoon sun. Spirits were high when we arrived at The Edge (their pitch) to hear that they had the bare minimum of 11 players, who had all played Saturday, whilst we had 3 subs and no games on Saturday – would fitness be a factor?

The first half was played at a fast tempo with the Adel boys finding their feet to pressurise the opposition’s final quarter and to hold fast in defence. The deadlock was broken in a momentary drop in concentration, when Alderley were awarded a Penalty Flick after 33 minutes. Deflated at half time we definitely felt we were still in the game.


Whereas the first half could be compared to the Battle of Rorke’s Drift the second was more like Custer’s Last Stand!! Edge seemed to up the tempo a couple of notches and the pressure became short corners, which became goals then further pressure became more goals. The hero of the hour Andy Miles, supported by 3 generations of his family, seemed powerless to stem the tide as the Adel team tired. The single Adel goal came perhaps too late to save the day.

Back in the clubhouse the teas were good and the beer better, it’s nice in Veterans hockey when you use a cultural reference that everyone understands as they were actually alive when it happened.

Thank you to Richard Poll for umpiring

Match facts: fitness was a factor; average age of Adel team well over 50; oppos average age around 45; half of the opposition play North 1 level hockey; final score 7-1; Adel 100% short corner conversion; Carl scored our goal; next game in the Plate competition.