Back, L-R: Madge, Skully, Max, Fin, Seb, Hedgie, Tony              Front, L-R: Polly, John, Matty, Mikey, Sniffer, Murf, Joe, Tom A.


Our Mens 5th team lost to a Chapeltown side for the second week in a row, yet there’s still a lot of positives to take away, despite the result.

Right from the start, Chapeltown set a press to keep us hemmed in, which had the desired effect and we struggled to get our passing game going.  Some bizarre nit-picking by the home umpire didn’t help, but – in his defence – he was also wearing an earpiece and listening to R. Poll umpiring (properly) on the other side. Imagine having that inside your head….

Skully, Madge, Murf and Tony worked tirelessly in front of Mikey to stem the tide, but two scrappy goals went in, and at half time it felt like the game was getting away from us. Then Skully retired hurt, which was not what we needed either.

Adel should therefore be proud: our development team, comprising boys in their early teens and gents in their early 70s, showed real grit and determination to come out fighting in the second half, and as the play got stretched we began to show glimpses of what we can do, with numerous personal scuffles being fought and won. Matty, Tom A, Max and Sniffer kept the ball up the pitch to relieve the pressure, and with Hedgie battling heroically alongside Joe and Fin in midfield, we managed to win several short corners. Sadly none were converted. New guy Seb had picked a tough game for his debut, but used his pace to keep working up and down the line from start to finish. We drew the second half 0-0, against a team who won their last match 10-0. This puts our result in proper perspective.

They do a nice tea at Chapeltown: you can choose between chicken curry or pie & peas. I asked about garlic pasta but apparently there’s not much call for it in these parts.  Weird.  Also they make their DoD dress up in a fancy dress costume, a bit like a hot dog, which is something we could learn from.

MoM was quite open, with lots of nominees. Joe gets second place for his silky skills and creativity, but Mikey was the winner for some excellent saves on the ground and in the air. DoD was a close run thing: “their umpire” was a leading contender, but the honour goes to Max after tripping an opponent with his stick, and using his feet to play the ball. Your hot dog costume awaits, Max.