Primal Gym were one of the clubs first sponsors of the new pitch and Phil invited me down to the gym for a look around and for a taste of what they are all about.

First of all Phil and the team at Primal are doing something very different from every other gym I’ve been a member of or looked at.

The equipment is not what you’d find in a run of the mill corporate gym. They have a pro-lifting platforms, squat-racks, boxing ring, sprint tracks, combat training area, slam wall, monkey bars, climbing ropes, sled pulls and whole load more.


Secondly Primal reward you for using the gym, they have some great concepts including a points system that rewards you for going to the gym more often. Hit your monthly points target and get rewarded with money back. They also have another way of getting money back by setting realistic goals with their coaches and when you achieve them, you’ll get rewarded with money back.


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They don’t follow the current trends of following standard American defined workouts but offer class-based training each based on their outcome: Conditioning, Strength, Power and Core

I asked Phil for a short summary of what they are all about at Primal: For too long, gyms have been more focused on membership numbers than on their members, forever promising results and never actually delivering. Primal has a brand new approach to your health and fitness, one focussed entirely on you enjoying your gym and getting results – because when you enjoy your gym you go more often; when you go more often you get results and when you get results you achieve your reason for going in the first place.
Your attendance and results are rewarded with money back with rewards available every month giving you the ability to get up to £10 back every month.

Whether you’re sporty or not, you’ll love the house teams; every member is assigned to 1 of 4 teams. Your loyalty to the gym is tracked and goes towards your house team where each month the teams go head to head to take the leaderboard.

So if your looking to improve your fitness, strength or power, why not give them a try? They will offer discounts for Adel members and you can also get a free day pass to try it out. Click here for more details.

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