Leeds Adel Ladies made the short trip across Leeds (some via Hull) to play rivals Slazengers. Last week Slazenger’s men broke the 100% record held by Leeds Adel Mens 1s, this week the ladies were hopeful not to follow to the same fate.

Slazengers themselves have enjoyed some better results so far to those of season’s past, and have been unlucky not to have a few more points on the board. Adel missing a few familiar faces, welcomed Hairsine into the squad for the first time to make her debut, starting at left-half.

The focus before the game, was to control the game from the outset. Adel did this comfortably for the first ten minutes, no major incidents, the Slazenger crowd getting a little over excited, as they generally do. Slazengers seeminlgly happy to sit at half court, the Adel back line of Byers, Jeavons, Henry, Hairsine and Love growing in confidence as the ball moved on the slick surface from sideline to sideline. Goacher held the centre of midfield, sisters Blyth starting to take a run at the Slazenger defence. The breakthrough was inevitable, Wood bagging her first of a brace, a tidy reverse finish from a questionable angle. Not much the home crowd could say about that! Adel now growing in confidence, Smith, Straughan and Bickley starting to get a run at a tired looking defence.  Smith unlucky not to get a goal with a powerful low strike.

The second goal came from the penalty spot, The goalkeeper making a clumsy challenge on Wood, as the team gathered for quick chat, A.Blyth converted the seventh awarded penalty stroke of the season for Adel, sending the keeper the wrong way. This was quickly followed by a third, A.Blyth and Goacher cleverly converting a free hit into a penalty corner. Whilst the Slazenger crowd cried fowl, they will surely need to consult the rule book, K.Blyth smashing home the corner fairly. 3-0 at the break.

The first 15 minutes after half time are usually dominant for Leeds Adel, however Slazengers came out after the break with purpose. They settled quickly and grew in confidence as they now held the possession. A few chances created, comfortably dealt with by McCall, who seeked her sixth clean sheet in nine. This period ended as the high sitting Slazengers, were caught on the break. Wood scoring the fourth goal to settle the game.

What was to follow was complete Adel dominance. Numbers flying forward, creative play creating numerous chances for the midfield and forwards. The final finish lacking as chance after chance passed without the desired outcome. Whilst the team maybe dissapointed to not hit a few more, a 4-0 comfortable victory, another clean sheet and they march on.

Next week Adel return to Church Lane for the visit of Doncaster, followed on Sunday with an away trip to Crewe in the Investec Trophy.

Many thanks to the umpires and travelling fans, who remained bouyant throughout despite the Yorkshire weather on the hillside at Ossett.

MOM- Lizzie Hairsine – A fine debut, comfortable and composed throughout.

DOD- Anna Blyth – Luckily the wind was behind the ball for the flick, or it may have stopped before it reached the goal!










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