For the first time this season, the 15 core players from Adel 1st XI came together for a rather late push back at Wakefield. Support gathered in the form of friends, relatives and associated canines in the glorious sunshine at Eastmoor Rd. Following the usual chit chat, toilet break and tattoo exhibition, Jenny Wright prepped the team with a thorough warm up whilst Sam carried the kit and re-gripped the sticks.

The game finally commenced at approx 1530hrs and despite a comprehensive warmup and winning the toss for PB, a penalty corner was conceded in the opening minute reminded Adel that this was no formality. With McCall screaming at her defensive line of Byers, Gibson, Jeavons and Henry to get out, anyone would think she had a clean sheet to protect. Comfortably dealt with, the following sixty eight minutes would be somewhat more comfortable.

Adel quickly settled into the game and whilst they couldn’t quite get the run of the ball, there was a feeling it was only a matter of time. When we say time, it turned out to be minutes…. C.Goacher introduced into the inner line, made light work of her opposite numbers, already looking tired from the never ending onslaught from H.Goacher, A.Blyth and Hesselwood, finished off another slick play, with a comfortable, controlled finish in front of goal started by Love at half back. Many more could have been added, Adel not converting the numerous short corners won. However Wood added another before the break, proving herself to be the goalscorer she confidently promised at the start of the season.

The second half would prove to be somewhat uncontested. Wakefield having admirably covered a lot of ground in the first half, were not in a position to do it again. Goal 4 and 5 coming quickly after the break, 6 and 7 from short corner routines and the game was won. Adel’s front line of Straughan, Wood, K.Blyth, Smith and Bickley running on and on through the second half, speed, ability, fitness and youth on their side. Second half goals added by K.Blyth, Hesselwood (2) and Wood with another.

As the final minutes passed, Jeavons showed her maturity by protecting the cleansheet, stepping into full back as Gibson and Byers went on showboating runs. Just enough on the clock for A.Blyth to throw in a axe from centre half!

This team is hard working, and another fine performance has already opened up a 2pt lead over the closest rivals, all of whom could only muster draws in other fixtures. Another clean sheet, whilst claimed by McCall is a reflection of the hard work not just in games, but in preparation, fitness and training for the whole squad.

Many thanks to the continued support we receive and to the umpires.

MOM- Sammy Hesselwood. Bullied and dominated on the pitch, 2 goals and a reminder of what a force she is (as if she would let us forget!)

DOD- Clare Goacher. Wowsers, miss of the season! I’m sure others will run her close for the accolade over the coming season

“Sammy, your cheesecake last year was amazing”

“I had enough practice baking last year”







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