Words by Gabby Nusenbaum


Ladies Adel 3s met on an almost tropical late afternoon to face local team Horsforth Ladies 1s, with Adel having a very strong squad of 14 eager players. Adel had played at Horsforth earlier in the season and had finished with a frustrating 0-0,  therefore Adel were ready to step out in force.   The saying of ‘you may have to fight a battle more than once to win it,’ rang true this week, especially after the last two weeks of unlucky losses. Ladies 3s were out to prove just how much they’d progressed together as a team.


 The first half started strong with players driving forward and trying to break down the opposition, but chances didn’t turn into goals considering the service from the wings and mid-field. Unfortunately, even though the defencr held up well – Horsforth ladies became lucky by breaking quickly and tipping the ball up field which sadly came off Emily’s stick, but seemed outside the circle – however the goal still stood. 

Adel didn’t become disheartened – and responded with well timed passes from the back line to the wings that allowed Jen Nurmi to rocket the ball into the back of the goal with her usual ease. Adel carried on to dominate an already tired looking Horsforth side, and the first half fun didn’t stop there, when once again, powerhouse Nurmi came along after receiving a great pass from Chloe in midfield to launch a reverse stick flick into goal. Things were looking up at half-time with Adel 2-1 up!


After a quick positive team talk by Sam, Adel were out all guns blazing for the second half. With some strong and calculated passes by Emily, Chloe and Emma to the wings, and every ball Adel fought for possession of. Defence made sure they broke down every chance that Horsforth got, and Adel made sure they took full advantage of the three subs by constantly rotating players on and off the field. Horsforth tried to break quickly, but fatigue saw all their efforts blocked by Lydia.  The ball once again found its usual way up front to Nurmi who got her hat trick. After that, Adel proceeded to run away with the game and really get into fine form. Nurmi and Gabby Ashton made a glorious run of synchronised passes through the park to whip past the keeper. 4-1 Adel. 

After a few short corner chances went begging, you’d have thought Adel were happy with the current score and ready to just keep possession. 

Oh no, they weren’t done there. Grace made a strong run down the wing that resulted in her ball making its way to the circle, where Gabby Nusy crossed in the ball for Sarah Polglass to fire the last goal home.  Adel had well and truly secured a strong win. Plenty of constructive chatting, passing and backing one another up made the win possible. To make the win sweeter, it rounded off an afternoon where all the ladies teams had won their games in the club…Hopefully Adel can recreate this magic on the away game this Saturday in Mirfield. 


MOM – Jen ‘powerhouse’ Nurmi for the sen-sa-tional hat trick

DOD – Emily for an own goal that shouldn’t have technically been a goal


Well done to all Ladies 3s for a well earned win! #ATID 

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