With the season in full swing we have been reviewing various club documents, and thought it worthwhile to share this value and respect statement.


  • Attitude and respect: For colleagues, opponents, officials and other AWMA members.
  • Development and progression: continuous improvement of our teams, players and facilities.
  • Enjoyment and fun: making sure everyone has a positive and happy experience.
  • Local community: giving something back to the Club and AWMA off the pitch.
  • Honesty and fairness: being open and transparent with decisions and selection.
  • Commitment and dedication: always giving 100% in everything that you do for the club.


To ensure that we deliver on the above, the club has a three year plan to continue to improve the club with a view to developing our facilities, developing coaches and umpires, improving our league positions and retaining and attracting more players.

Respect at Leeds Adel

This initiative  has been adopted to ensure that our Club is represented in the most positive light by being respectful and respected across the hockey community.

There are five pillars to the respect we want to engender amongst our members. We expect them to:

  • Respect themselves
    • Leeds Adel Hockey Club is proud to be a diverse club with members of different ages from across all parts of the community. Behaviour on and off the pitch should reflect our proud Club.
  • Respect teammates
    • As amateur sportspeople our members have a range of ability. Every player should feel included within their team and the Club as a whole and receive positive encouragement.
  • Respect the opposition
    • Anyone that plays against Leeds Adel should expect a competitive and tough game. However, please treat opposition how you wish to be treated, and once the final whistle is blown, be proud to give your opponents a handshake and a warm welcome in the bar.
  • Respect the officials
    • All officials are volunteers and without them there is no game. All officials should feel welcome to our club, and we hope they look forward to being part of our games.
  • Respect the facilities
    • AWMA is a sports club for all with many other sports and social sections. Please treat the pitch, changing rooms, sports facilities, clubhouse and other areas with respect and look after them.

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