Don’t go through life without goals. And so it begins. Another Saturday. Nineteen degrees abnormal October temperatures heating up North Leeds. And the second match between Leeds Adel and Leeds hockey clubs for the morning waiting to happen. With the mens 1st team having won 4-0, the ladies could sense the high expectations along with the captain’s nerves. (Double breakfast and a chocolate after a very late night was probably not the smartest way to start the day!)

A full team plus parents available, discussions around who to start and not were made easy by numerous late comers. Dentist appointment, dancing class, coffee stop and paying membership fees online were just some of the excuses. Priorities ladies!

Leeds HC started the game. And the legs began working. So did the breathing. Solid defence from both teams left most of the play in the centre of the pitch. No ball was going to get past Pam just yet! Several whistle blows for lifting the ball too high while passing, petty fouls and a forced-forfeit of a short corner for Adel fast forwarded the next 10 minutes.

Leeds HC got the first break with the ball finding the back of the net with some powerful attacking skills. GK Corby was not in happy spirits especially having actually gotten some sleep the night before! Adel quickly changed players and the new energy began pumping. A solid pass from someone in the middle to Fathima on the left wing and off she drove into the empty opposing D.  Too hard to not seize the moment, she push the ball passed the young GK. We were tying.

The second half started with the same vein from the first half. Adel had reshuffled is starting team hoping for a lucky break. Intense attacking from Leeds was exhausting Adel players. Adel started to show signs of pressure and sloppiness ensued. Losing the ball between passes and failing to run into spaces to meet the ball got the better of us. Nothing coming out of the couple of penalty corners later. Question from the sideline was “How were we going to secure this match?”

The answer finally came in the 3rd last minute of the game. A final penalty corner was capitalised by Anna Shields who finally found her comfort zone and rebounded the ball straight in. We had secured our win. And we could all breathe again. Literally!

Pizzas, courtesy of Leeds HC and patriotic orange-icing cupcakes from Ellie Robson were well deserved. until the next match…adios amigos!

MotM- Anna Shields and Amy Fearn

DotD- Christine Clark, for taking out a player, losing her stick and then picking up the wrong one to get back into play. Looking forward to your baking at the next game 🙂