This weekend, Adel ladies 4s embarked on a journey with the locals back to the 1940s for War Memorial weekend in Pickering. After a long and congested drive to Lady Lumley School with a few selfies thrown in for good measure, the ladies were ready to take on renowned goal scorers Pickering.


After last week’s draw 0-0 against Cleckheaton, the team were determined to get some goals under their belt. The first half got off to a shaky start with the team trying to settle into their positions and work with each other to gain dominance of the game. Sadly, within the first ten minutes, Pickering had already succeeded with 2 strong goals from either side of the goal, which put pressure on our defence.


Pam Hardaker identified early on that Pickering were taking a high attack approach and made it her mission to keep the ball in Adel’s possession with strong hits from the back defence line, which gave Adel some great opportunities to push the game forward and put pressure on the goal keeper. Adel then gained a short corner after various attacks to the goal, where Sophie Lancaster got to showcase her talent with a strong slap straight to the back line of the goal. With another goal scored for Pickering, it was junior player Molly Harris’s turn to sneak a goal through the keeper, which gained great cheers from the team. The result at half time was 3-2 to Pickering.


With some wise words from Pam Hardaker and a few changes in player positions, the second half brought a new lease of life for the team with some great teamwork between Morag Fowler and Sophie Lancaster in midfield. Pickering then came back with a vengeance forcing the play up field and putting pressure on goal keeper Stella Jacquiss who made some great saves but unfortunately, another goal was claimed by Pickering. Adel continued to pressurise Pickering’s defence and were rewarded with a short corner where Sophie Lancaster used the same tactic as earlier in the game and scored the third goal for Adel. The last 2 minutes of the game saw Pickering sneak behind the back defence line and take one last shot at the goal. Final score was 5-3 to Pickering.



Special thanks to Fathima Patel and Ellie Pritchard for stepping in as umpires at last minute. On Saturday 24th, Adel ladies 4s will be taking on top of league team Leeds 3s at 3pm at Adel and would welcome any support from friends and members of the club.


MOM went to Sophie Lancaster for two fantastic short corner goals and all round effort throughout the match.


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