Ladies 4s season began with numbers. A gazillion reminder texts. Sixteen players on Saturday’s team. Subs collection. Countless Adel supporters. Double digit Autumn temperatures. Adel’s goal-keeper only touching the ball twice during the whole 70 minutes of the game. It was indeed a fine start to the Ladies 4s season with a 4-1 win over Airedale 2s.

The first challenge for the players was adjusting to the bounce of the new pitch. Both teams had to concentrate on controlling hits and receiving passes. This being said, the ball may have bounced a bit too high for Selina Smyllie, who was left with an impressive forehead bump after her amazing ball to face trick. With new young faces on the pitch, it was difficult to predict how the game would go. Lo and behold with some lovely simple hockey and daring moves to push the ball forward, the girls played out of their skin.

Adel controlled most of the possession in the first 25 minutes of the first half, playing high up in Airedale’s half. Anna Shields and Sophie MacNay were seen making runs from Adel’s D well past the half-way line. Persistent efforts were rewarded with an opening goal from Rachel Bishop. Airedale were now feeling hungry and responded with an opportunistic goal. With many transfers around the back and passes up the wing to our tireless midfielders, we were powering down their defence to finish the first half off with a goal from Sophie Bell.

Experience can speak volumes with Pam Hardaker requesting sweetly during the match break “It would be nice to have one more goal to secure the win”. With too much chocolate and jellies feasted on within 5 minutes, the players were re-energised for the 2nd half on-slaughter.

Adel continued to assert themselves putting more pressure on the ball and were awarded with a finesse goal by newcomer Harriet Gwinn. The second half saw a fearless drive towards the Airedale goal keeper. Nine goal-less short corners later, Fathima Patel secured the win hitting the ball passed the goal-keeper for the 4th time.

Well done Ladies 4s on an amazing team effort. Thanks to all the encouragement and shouting support from the supporters and Mens 1s team. And a huge thank you to Jaclyn Smith for controlling player rotations like clockwork.

MotM- Anna Shields for her effortless skilful runs up and down a pitch

DotD- Selina Smyllie for her forehead makeover