Some rounding-up weekend match words from Rachel “stand in Sunday captain” Bishop….

A beautiful day, a few achey limbs and Captain Fathima Patel nowhere to be seen, the scene was set for Adel fours second game of the weekend away against Leeds Uni. Stand in captains for the weekend Hayley “I-don’t-need-instructions” Hildred and Rach “my-head-steams-when-I’m-hot” Bish were left with both an abundance of players and instructions, which resulted in a confusing start. Paul Lewis and Emma “I-should-never-wear-heels” Kiel were luckily there to pick up the pieces and sort the subs out.

Adel started the first half strongly with lots of possession and some brilliant defensive play. A late arrival from Ellie “now-not-so-yellow” Robson sidelined Jo “I-Wish-I-was-in-bed” Swan once and for all (Fathima watch your back)! There were lots of chances for Adel, but still nothing to show for it apart from Hannah Bronnert’s bloody knees.

A half time break, a few jelly babies and a few whiteboard drawings from Paul gave us the boost we needed to start the second half. It was a great performance from the whole team. Chris “I-should-buy-some-new-shoes” Clarke added no further injuries to her massive bruise from yesterday, whilst Sam “I-can’t-stop-running” Cutler was still going full pelt right up to the last minute. A few short corners provided Adel’s better chances and a good defence from one in our half meant the final score line ended in an unlucky 0-0. So zero goals, but a much higher figure of people cramping up.

Woman of the Match went to Sam “I-can’t-stop-running” Cutler, and Wally of the Match was jointly awarded to Fathima “I’m-so-organized-but-I-can’t-count” Patel for over/poor organization, and “Now-not-so-yellow” Ellie for her hour late arrival.

Thanks to Emma, Paul, and Jo for turning up, Hannah “I-look-good-in-tweed” Corby for going in goal after very little sleep, and to Leeds Uni for the delicious post game pizzas!

Words from the captain-Thanks to Hayley and Bish for doing an amazing job as stand-in captains and for picking up the pieces of my disjointed organisation! And maths was never my strong point…. 😛 Wally again!!! But I wasn’t even there….What am I to bake now?!