Ladies 4s were back in action this weekend against Slazengers 4s. Despite the midweek snowfall and the Adel pitch being under snow, Slzaengers were waiting for us at the icy 10:30am push back start time. Good play from everybody all round, lots of possession by Adel. Pam’s 2 goals from penalty corners, a fancy trademark reverse stick shot into the goal by Amy Fearn and a brilliant shot from top of the D by German teach Chris Clark, sealed the deal for us as we won 4-1.

Definitely a better score than the previous weeks draw against Leeds 4s who put out their strongest team to keep us fighting tooth and nail. The score board read 0-0 at the final whistle but it was a superb well fought battle to watch.

This weeks names to remember….

MofM: Christine Clark…awesome play all around and no “chundering”

DofD: Fathima Patel…just couldn’t hit a ball with her stick no matter how many times she tried….


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