With the last season promotion from Division 3 a distant memory, as well as the close 2-1 loss against Acomb away for the season opener – Adel needed to step it up a gear for the first home fixture of the 2016/17 campaign against Thirsk.

Thirsk also were promoted last year, and have always been a stubborn team to beat over the years, but with Coach Katy Blyth stepping up to give constant guidance, 3s would be in safe hands for the next seventy minutes.

With the support of other mens and ladies teams, Adel set their stall out quickly – which was to break down any attack that Thirsk attempted. Much of the play centered around the attacking D for Adel, and shots passed far and wide. After a frustrating twenty minutes where the score remained 0-0 – Kiel who worked tirelessly to distribute the ball out to the wings, was picked up by Lilly who drove the ball into the D – and with a one touch and a strike, it hit the back of the goal. Coach Blyth was quoted as saying ‘hockey poetry,’ however; I think many were just happy the deadlock had been broken. After the goal, Adel reset again, and Thirsk tried to become stubborn by passing the ball back and around, but Adel kept plugging away – and great runs from Vicky, Jane and Sophie stopped anything from developing in the middle. Within six minutes, there was a good pick by Vicky in the middle of the pitch, where she drove the ball down towards goal – another one touch and suddenly the score was 2-0 (and what a fine goal it was….). Adel did not seem finished there – every player worked as hard as they could, and who knows how many miles Kiel must have covered tracking every ball that came near her. The notorious “Adel Cleaning Service” defence of Emily, Grace, Katie, Hannah and Lucy did the usual job of mopping up any balls that strayed towards them, and neatly passed them back down the wings to waiting Adel players to drive back towards the attacking D. A drive down the wing from Gabby, and an injection into the D led to a Thirsk player accidently touching the ball (very conveniently for us) into the goal. 3-0.

Adel felt very comfortable with another fifteen minutes left to play – a little too comfortable as there were some moments were Thirsk became dominant, and made some attacking runs towards the goal. As Thirsk kept pushing more and more, they managed to catch a quick break on the wing – and with a player hanging high, it allowed them to have a shot on goal. Score 3-1. After some ‘shouting encouragement’ from Coach Blyth, all the team seemed to switch back on again – working together to keep Thirsk from entering their attacking D. Charlie made some cracking saves, and the Adel Cleaning Service switched on to keep the ball out.

Whistle blown, and the final score ended 3-1.

Adel learned from the disappointing loss of last week in Acomb to work better as a team to keep Thirsk at bay. All the ladies worked tirelessly to come out with a positive result. Thanks to all the supporters who came to watch, and to Coach Blyth for all the encouragement. Here’s to another positive outcome away against Bingley Bees who have won both of their fixtures so far.

MOM – Lilly for her goal debut, and for a great performance

DOD – Vicky for exposing her WWE wrestling skills, and head on accidently nearly knocking a poor child out cold….(the child survived…)


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