Match report courtesy of the captain this week!

11am everyone met promptly as the captain had requested. 11.10 everyone got into the changing rooms as Captain Jones ignored her own request and rocked up late, sorry! Amazingly no one was hungover, tactics were actually discussed and a long warmup was done. 12pm sharp, the opening game at Adel was ready to start, oh after Presty had to sprint the length of the pitch in her kit after accidentally going to the wrong goal…

The Ladies 2’s set up against Skipton, a team that we beat 4-1 earlier in the season, however are known to be a strong threat. The Adel girls had a lot of early possession. Shields and Bickley used their youthful legs to run and down the wings, and successfully getting the ball through to the forwards. Several attempts at goal were had however their goal keeper proved to be very strong and saved many of our attempts. Skipton were not without their attacks, and the fullbacks Whiting and Mellor had to work hard to ensure we did not go down a goal early on. They had a few short corners but the confidence of the back four showed through, with Presty only having to make a few saves keeping the ball out of the goal. Then, out of nowhere, Mellor stormed through from the back with the ball glued to her stick. The Skipton players could do nothing but foul and short corner was given. Out to Twedds, who ignored Clarke’s shout of NOT ON and passed to her anyway. Back it went to Twedds who calmly slotted the ball into the back corner of the goal. Half time 1-0 to Adel.

The second half was more of the same. Jeavons, Jones and Leyshon rotating around the left and right backs kept good outlets and attacking play up the wings. Straughn, a junior who has recently joined the team, showed her flair and used her pace to be strong in right mid. A good short corner routine between her and Clarke enabled Straughn to drive along the back line, have a shot hit the post (surprise surprise, wouldn’t be a 2’s game without hitting the woodwork!) to which Bickley had the rebound saved by the goalie. The ball fell to Gartside’s stick who coolly lifted it into the back of the net. 2-0 Adel.

Powley used her amazing fitness to cause headaches for the defence, and always in great positions to receive the ball from Bickley who just ran circles around the Skipton midfield. Many of these attacks led to chances, one not quite so. Powley managed to kick the ball away, quite funny it itself and then suddenly collapsed to the floor in a very unlady like fashion. Thankfully in her defence, she did have a stick between her legs, but was still a funny enough moment to get everyone’s DOD the vote!

Game ended 2-0, everyone happy with the victory, and the Ladies 2’s draw every closer to promotion! Special thanks to the PAP’s (Parents and Partners) who supported us proudly.

MOM: votes were spread around however Bickleys strength and pace ultimately won her the MOM award from the team.

DOD: Powley. Obviously.