On a rainy Saturday Adel ladies 2s travelled along the ever scenic M62 to Halifax. The early riser of the day award would go to Nat Mellor, who (with a little help from chauffeur Summers) was first to arrive at the venue, with only the security guard beating her. Progress!

The squad was severely depleted this week as half of the midfield were either sunning themselves or working, so Captain Jones needed to pull out all the stops. A return to action for Jade ‘cough cough’ Gartside and Jen ‘I’m going to ache tomorrow’ Hopkins bolstered the squad and spirits were high. The 2s had played Halifax only a couple of weeks earlier at Fotress Adel and enjoyed an enigmatic victory, but weren’t counting any chickens against a team third in the league. Sophie was excited at the prospect of umpire Copley arriving and the gossip of the day was who had sent her a Valentines card (not Mum or Dad Powley this year, the mystery continues!).

After the legendary lacklustre warm up (made 5 minutes longer after a request from the Halifax coach – they should have arrived in plenty of time like their opposition!) the game started off at a fair pace. Halifax were obviously determined to make up for the pounding they received the other week as they were quick on the ball and looked full of energy. Adel were slowly pushed back and the defence of Mellor, Whiting, Jones and Leyshon were being tested properly for the first time this season. Presty would later admit she touched the ball a bit too much for her liking this week (though got value for money from her subs this week!). A few goal line melees and clearances were tough to watch for an Adel team who had only let in 12 goals all season. Sandra and Flo were providing good outlets but the Halifax press was standing firm, meaning getting the ball through to the ever determined forward line of Lindsay, Tweddle and Powley was difficult. Half time arrived with no goals but some tasty oranges (thanks Twedds!).

The second half was more of the same. Adel were producing some good passing play and with Sandra returning to her favoured position the 2s were seeing a bit more of the ball. Jade was probably on the floor more than usual this week (though no dive ratings as it wasn’t her fault – she was going to compare the tackles with the later rugby match) and Mellor took a leaf out of Jade’s book to lie along the goal line on a couple of occasions to keep the scores level. This wasn’t enough, however, as Halifax were the first to score. A wayward pass to the nippy Halifax centre mid gave her the chance to run at the Adel defence and slap the ball into the D, which was deflected past Presty. This gave Adel the push they needed to start playing properly. With Hopkins and Mellor pushing up Adel were starting to put more and more pressure on Halifax. The Halifax defence couldn’t cope with Twedds’ silky stick skills and Adel managed to earn a few short corners. The 2s didn’t really take advantage of the shorties, but the pressure would eventually pay off when Hopkins played the ball into another melee in the D, where Powley was waiting ready hit the ball home. Final score 1-1.

Special mention to the defenders who made goal line clearances – captain Jones mid-air reverse stick stop, Leyshon after a pinball-esque sequence and the newly engaged Whiting using the power of the ring to get the ball off the line! And there were probably others I missed.

Thanks to the supporters this week – Gary for keeping us in line, Dunny (hope your fingers have thawed out) and Presty’s new beau.

MOM and muppet TBC after car votes gathered. Who’ll be the star baker next week?!