A sunny away day trip to Bridlington was on the cards for the ladies 2s this week. Looking at the league we knew they would be a tough opposition and the prospect wasn’t made easier with 8 regulars unavailable to play. Some bribes from captain Jones to the 3s meant we made the trip with a full team (subs are over rated, right?!).

We arrived with plenty of time to spare for once. Whilst Tina sorted out the spilt ‘Lucozade’ on her towel (first muppet nomination) the team soaked up the sun and Sarah learnt that we were actually at the seaside (second muppet nomination). Third muppet nomination went to Mellor for flirting with the umpire as the match was starting… easy tiger!

The match started with the unusual November sun causing some visibility issues, but Adel started strongly with some good passing. Brid were very quick on to players when Adel had the ball so we had to use our full armoury of skills and patience to help us through. A few hefty tackles from Brid upset the umpire who green carded one of their players. This seemed to give Adel a greater sense of hunger to get some goals, though Sandra’s pre-game motivational ‘speech’ may have had more to do with it. It wasn’t long before Adel’s passing play paid off and Jo met a great cross from Gabby to score.

The umpire still wasn’t happy with the tackling from the opposition which prompted one of the Brid players to be sent off. Adel didn’t particularly capitalise on the advantage but battled on, with Saz and Jo running tirelessly up and down the wings and Tina and Gabby running themselves ragged up front chasing any lost causes that could help us extend the lead. Half time soon came with Adel 1-0 up. A rousing team talk from Mellor and some tactical changes meant Adel came into the second half fighting. Almost literally.

The second half was more of the same. Adel tried to use their passing game to get the better of the opposition, but were constantly thwarted by Brid’s crunching tackles. The defensive line up of Mellor, Becky, Sarah and Hannah were solid at the back but there were a few small lapses of concentration from the team which allowed Presty to put some goal saving kicks into action, which so far this season have rarely been needed. Adel piled on more pressure and gained a few short corners. After a worrying dribbler from Summers to Jo, a sweep option out to Tina worked much better. Totally ignoring Sandra’s advice to dink left then right to shoot, Tina went right then left and banged the ball past the keeper to put Adel 2-0 up.

The play seemed to get a bit more scrappy as the game went on, the 2s probably nervous at keeping the lead after so many late slip ups last season. Although Sandra and Summers were policing the midfield well this was Brid’s cue to slip a scrappy goal past Presty. Not long after, Brid were once again attacking and Becky returned the favour of a crunching tackle to one of the Brid players who sat in a crumpled heap. The Brid player had a good telling off from the umpire because of her colourful language, and then was given the free hit, which luckily amounted to nothing.

Adel managed to hang on for the remainder of the game to secure a well fought 2-1 win. 6 wins out of 6 for the 2s so far this season, long may the winning continue!

The fourth muppet nomination was for Hannah, who on the way to teas stopped on a railway crossing which a passer by was pointing out to her children which meant she walked into the barrier. Doh!

MOM: Summers
Muppet: Draw between Hannah ‘my first DOD for this season’ Jones and Sarah ‘are we really by the sea’ Leyshon

Another long away trip to Hull next week is in store, in hope of a bigger squad and a chance to increase our goal difference. Thanks to Sarah, Saz and Gabby this week for playing and holding your own in a tough match!