Match report by Hannah Jones

After a mixed start to the season the ladies twos went into their match against Harrogate with confidence after a preseason victory against the same team. Unfortunately defender Lizzie had to withdraw to injury but her presence on the side line was much appreciated.

The team started strong, keeping possession and not panicking under the strong press of Harrogate. Our press however was stronger and midway through the first half Sophie won the ball back on the 22 from their hit out. A spot on pass to Summers square allowed Sophie to run in the D to volley the pass back from Summers straight into bottom right. 1-0 Adel. Megan was a little too keen with her tackles and earned herself a green card.  Adel quickly adapted for the two minutes and nothing came of it. The back four of Vicky, Barson, Becky and Hannah stayed strong however Harrogate were strong on the break. Fantastic saves by goalie Presty ensured the score was still 1-0 at half time.

The second half started not quite so well. After wondering why our press wasn’t so strong, the bench suddenly realised there was one too many on the sideline. A quick strip off of a jumper ensured we were back to 11 on the pitch… Unfortunately Harrogate got two quick goals to make the score 1-2 but heads did not go down. The midfield Trio of Summers, Sandra and Meg worked the ball beautifully in the middle of the park resulting in Sophie getting the ball on the baseline. A short pass to Tina after a very loud call was made, a little slip to the P spot where Summers had ran on and delicately slotting the ball in the bottom corner from a reverse sweep. Perfect come back. 2-2.

The game was tough. Everyone on the pitch was getting tired from both sides and the tempo had gone down. Good support from the sideline from Nat, Lizzie, Mr Jones and the Men’s 1st team gave Adel the boost they needed. Furthermore they got a green card from not retreating and we took our opportunity. Some skillful play from Rosie and Twedds upfront earned us a short corner in the last two minutes. A perfect injection from Lolly to the top enabled Sandra to straight strike. Lolly as hot as ever on the post got her stick in there for a deflection into the back of the net. Goal given, final whistle blew. 3-2 to Adel, Absolutely cracking finish resulting from good fitness but mainly determination from every member of the team!


MOM- Vicky

DOD- Megan

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