Leeds Adel Ladies were looking to improve on their 4th place position in the league as they welcomed Chester to Church Lane on Saturday.

Adel somewhat replenished in numbers started the brighter of the two sides and quickly asserted control of all areas of the pitch. The midfield of Byers, Blyth A , Blyth K and Hesselwood pushing forward from the very start. A couple of very early chances missed, however they took the lead after only four minutes as Wright picked a goal from a familiar back post position. The girls continued to flood forward, Smith, Wright, Bickley, Wood and Jones causing all sorts of trouble for the Chester defence and the lead was quickly doubled, Chester unable to clear the defence, K.Blyth opening her account at home this season.

Whilst the general expectancy was for the game to continue into a comfortable victory, Adel wasted several opportunities to further add to the scoreline, and Chester, slowly at first started to come into the game. Whilst McCall, Love, Taylor, Pugh, Hairsine and Straughan had been fairly untested early on, they were soon under pressure from a rejuvenated Chester,  who were looking to get back into the game. Chester pulled one back and as Adel looked to regain their margin, they were hit with an unexpected equaliser. Half time 2-2.

The second half was a much more even affair, Adel unable to break away from the deadlock, the Adel defensive line however looking solid. Adel finally got their goal courtesy of Wright will a lovely finish from the top of the area following a signature break. Chester now moved forward and the defence were now being tested. Calm and composed they saw away the danger. As the game entered the final exchanges, Chester picked up a penalty corner, final whistle blown. An Adel defender sent from the defence for no clear reason, the four remaining players defended three consecutive corners against the full Chester side with great courage, however averages say that eventually one will hit the goal and much to the delight of Chester, they got their equaliser.

Many thanks to the NHUA for providing officials and TD Big Blyth. Chester were good opponents and we wish them well for the rest of the season. Lastly the big Adel fan club, who yet again were put through an emotional rollercoaster.

MoM- Abbie Taylor. A fantastic addition to the 1st XI this season and we see improvements every week. Defended confidently and with great character.

DoD- Anna Blyth. Give Gandhi back his pants!







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