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Leeds Adel welcomed Slazengers to Church Lane for the noon fixture. The league suggested that this may be a formality, however recent good performances by Slazengers against title rivals Halifax and Ben Rhydding, suggested this could be a tricky encounter.

The game started at a pace which would suit Adel, fast paced exchanges showed Slazengers were not to be underestimated, whist chances went begging for the Adel attack, McCall would be tested for the worthiness of her clean sheet in the Adel goal.

However it was only a matter of time…Slazengers may well feel aggrieved for a missed decision, Adel linked passing breaking through the defence and the finish was not in question. As with so many games this season, this soon became two and three, as Adel dominance through the middle of the half was rewarded in the scoreline. The last ten minutes into half time much more competitive as Adel struggled to adapt to the rotating squad of 14 players.

The second half proved to be much less of a contest. McCall seeing little of the ball as the defence of Hopper, Love, Barson, Byers and Warburton, dealt with the tiring Slazengers line. To the contrary the Adel midfield would do their fitness trainer proud as H Goacher, Hesselwood, A Blyth and Smith, continued to dominate and push on providing plenty of chances and goals for Parson, C Goacher, Wright and K.Blyth who continued to punish the tiring Slazenger’s elite ladies.

A coach is always happy to see training taken into a match. K Blyth going 3D over two sticks and unleashing a rocket into the top left hand corner. A fantastic goal much owed to the onlooking coaching team of Ransley, Lewis and Baxter. The goal enough to inspire an army, the watching mens 1s surely inspired for a hat full of goals in the upcoming games.

The match closed out to an 8-0 victory, the biggest margin of the season so far. Next week Doncaster, the last team to take points off this top of the table side. See you at noon!

Team: McCall, Warburton, Hopper, Love, Barson, Byers, H Goacher, A Blyth, Hesselwood, Smith, K Blyth, Parson, C Goacher, Wright

Goals (not 100% confirmed): Hesselwood x 3, K Blyth x 2, C Goacher, Parson, Wright


And onto the men……….Cumulative Church Lane Scoreline: Adel 11  Oppo 1








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