The arrival of the new very orange kit coupled with a motivational ‘Eye of the Tiger’ in the changing rooms had us all raring to go against the Leeds Uni 6s. After a minute’s silence on the halfway line we were off. The two teams tested each other throughout the first half, neither prevailing in their efforts to score. We came close a few times with good strikes on goal from Charlie and Rosie at our numerous short corners unfortunately being saved. A heart stopping moment early on when Leeds managed to beat both FBs to have a one on one with Stella, step around her for an open shot on goal, only to hit the post. The ball was cleared and we breathed again. Leeds pressed well and when they were on the offensive we did struggle to get it out of our half at times. Using Jayne and Meg as the half backs, Adel pushed the ball up wide in an effort to break through Uni’s tight press. This worked well, creating space and drawing the players out wide opening up the pass to Bish in the centre, who was really good at distributing it on, either to the inners or to the wingers. Ellie as FB controlled all manner of balls coming her way, ensuring that after our earlier scare Uni rarely made it into our D. At half-time it was 0-0 despite chances from both teams but we knew we had the upper hand, we just had to press the advantage.

Early in the second half Stanners and Emily had some stunning breaks down the left that had Leeds on the run. Passing back to Helen and in triangles was aided by Emily’s quick pace and led to the first goal of the match and Emily’s debut goal for Adel. Buoyed on by this we continued to put Uni under pressure with more short corners, with one of Charlie’s strikes saved right on the line by a defender – so close! Another opportunity arose when Meg was faced with an open goal but managed to play football instead of hockey… she redeemed herself minutes later when stood inside the right post a cross from Hattie was heading just wide and Meg managed to deflect it in. 2-0! Great work from the pair of Hattie and Meg to create the goal. Just before the final whistle blew we had a short corner against us, we knew we had one but really wanting a clean sheet the defence were out the blocks fast: Helen was straight on the striker who fumbled it, enough time for a decisive clearance. We had done it! Highlight of the second half was from Rosie who when marking a player who proceeded to run in circles so much a cry of “Just stop running!”.

With the one sub this weekend everyone worked tirelessly on and off the ball, really great effort girls well done and another win in the bag with a clean sheet!


MOM: Emily for some great runs up front and that cracking goal!

DOD: Meg – came on for LW and went straight to the wrong side of the pitch causing a lot of



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