The weather looks to have intervened and led to training evenings being postponed sadly.  A chance for everyone to rest up, squeeze in a personal gym session or in the case of some members, attend yet another meeting at Adel to continue the good work going on behind the scenes.

Most of these meetings involve one club member more than others – to some of you Sam Jackson might just be a team mate, a guy who umpires your match, or someone who supports your team from the sidelines.  Away from the astro, Sam also has many other roles at Adel, some over and above the hockey section as he takes on more and more responsibility within AWMA.  Whilst Sam is the hockey section Treasurer overseeing our bank accounts, monitoring our expenditure and adapting the way we collect money for membership and match fees, he is also the AWMA Subscriptions Secretary, on the AWMA Executive Council, the AWMA Finance Sub Committee and the AWMA Grounds Development Sub Committee.  Most people look to take on these roles as they near the end of their playing career as a way of giving something back to the club and staying involved but Sam is somehow doing all this whilst juggling with his medical career, hockey playing activities and attending any social event in the calendar.

Here is what else you need to know about our all round action hero in his own words (ok with a few tweaks here and there…)

Sam Jackson


  1. Role at Adel – Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Mixed Team captain and a variety of roles at AWMA as above.
  2. What is best part of doing that role, and what is worst part – Best – The chance to work with other likeminded people who want to see the club prosper and forever improve. Worst – Collecting and banking match fees (oh wait we don’t do that any more) – in that case nothing!
  3. When joined Adel – December 2014
  4. Best ever moment in an Adel shirt – Sitting on the bench for the men’s 1s once because they were short. Overseeing Adel v Leeds Lights Night although didn’t get on to the playing surface – probably why we won!
  5. Trophies won at Adel (and elsewhere for hockey related activity) – Yorkshire Division 2 Champions (Leeds Adel Men’s 2s Hockey Club 1st XI) 2017/18,  Leeds Adel Most Improved Player 2016/17, and more recently managing to get Dick of the Day twice in one day for playing and umpiring
  6. Previous clubs played for – University of Bradford
  7. Away from Adel whats the day job – Final year medical student, and by the time you’re reading this terrifyingly close to being a doctor.
  8. What do you like best at Adel as a club – It’s incredible community atmosphere, where everyone seems to know everyone from every team.
  9. What would you like to see the club do to develop further – Continue on its development plan I worked with a great group of people looking to create and get a second pitch. Above everything though, a pitch cover is most important to stop cancellations due to the frost
  10. Best player you ever played with and against – Andy Boag
  11. If you  had a dream dinner party, which three other club members would you invite – If I could find three club members to have dinner with me I’d be lucky.
  12. Best ever Adel social you have attended – The impromptu quiz night on the evening of the first AdelFest.
  13. Tour nickname and why – Nope, I don’t think you want this.
  14. How and why did you get into hockey – Wanted to take up a team sport after years of being a swimmer and triathlete – and the hockey players were the most friendly and welcoming during freshers.
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