Last week, the ladies 2s and their coaching staff were eagerly preparing for a play off game against Lindum ladies to determine who would be promoted to the North South East Div 2 next season.  This was as a result of our Ladies 1s being successful in their play off game thereby creating an additional space in the division.

After many emails between YHA, Leeds Uni and Leeds Adel I am disappointed to confirm that our Ladies 2s are no longer required to compete in the play off v Lindum.  Somewhere along the way, there has been confusion and mis-communication between the North HA (who oversee North SE Div 2) and YHA (who oversee the Yorkshire Premier League where our 2s currently play).

As a result, it has been decided that Leeds Uni 2s who came 2nd in the Premier League are required to play off v Lindum Ladies who want to enter the North/Yorkshire leagues after previously playing in the East leagues.  Suffice to say, Leeds Uni 2s are equally disappointed as they were under the impression that they had gained automatically promoted whereas they now need a play off game which needs to be arranged when their players have completed end of year exams.

I know its difficult to sort out promotion and relegation when some are reliant on other teams in play offs and leagues higher up so its disappointing for our Ladies 2s in particular who had been training hard and preparing for an important play off game on Saturday to find they are no longer required.  I appreciate some of the team have made arrangements to cancel other commitments and that the coaches had started to think about the game and plan for our best chance of success.  A huge thank you to everyone who gave up some of their time which we now know was not needed.

Whilst we have expressed our disappointment to the YHA committee over this matter, it is apparent that there are a number of complicating factors that have contributed to the confusion with outcomes of other play off games, new teams wanting to join our leagues and higher promotion and relegation issues to be resolved and therefore we can all move on and enjoy our summer league hockey and await the new season ahead.

Thanks to anyone who was thinking of trailing to Doncaster on Saturday to watch the play off game but please don’t make the effort now!

The 2s did have a good training session on Tuesday evening which included a full pitch game against the under 18s team from Adel.  A close fought first half saw the juniors hold a slender 3-2 half time advantage but in the second half, the youthful legs were apparent as the juniors used their pace and excellent ball distribution to run away with an 8-3 victory.  The juniors were aided by a couple of older players to even out the sides with Rachel Barson having a more traditional role as full back without needing to double up as kicking back and Rosie in particular benefitting from the juniors passing on the counter attack and scoring several tap in goals as a result.

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