Membership Renewals Important Information

Please don’t use comments below, text, messenger to ask for changes. Emails only, to (Rosie) otherwise it will be missed.

This information is relevant to renewing members only and one of:
1. Those that have yet to set up payment & would like to pay by installments.
2. Those that have already set up installments.

For people in group 1:
For those that haven’t set up installments, the system will look to charge you for the first two months. This is due to the fact the first payment request was sent out on the 3rd Sept. An oversight on our part as we had assumed that it would work like last year and just take payments on the monthly anniversary of the first one. We wanted to give people as much time as possible (6 weeks) to make their first payment. What we did not realise – on our first year of renewals on the online system – that this would not be the case. Instead it bases it on the original payment request date of Sept 3.

Possible resolutions to this matter are as follows:
A. Pay both months now, and be on the standard schedule. Money should then leave your account on or around the 8th of each month for 6 further installments.
B. Email Rosie Porter ( Email her with the fact you would like to only pay the first installment now, and a date between now (9th) and the 13th (deadline) you would like the payment to requested each month. She will then send you a fresh payment request for that date. This means payment 1 will be made in October, 2 in November and so on…. You will not be able to pay like this until the date that you have chosen.

For people in group 2:
For those that have set up installments, you will have already had 2 installments come out. Future installments will come out ~8th of each month for the next 6 months. If this has caused a problem, or the 8th really doesn’t work for you for future months please get in touch.

New members are not affected by this issue – and money from installments will come out around the same time of the month you set up your first payment.

The deadline for membership renewal is Sunday 13th October – so please don’t delay this if it causes an issue for you.

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