To share around the burden and allow us to continue to play hockey in the new era with lockdown restrictions, we continue to strongly advise people not to go up to the pitch and not to spectate at home matches.  Going forward, the only exception to this should be any parent of a junior player who needs to be there in a safeguarding capacity, each games’s officials and an appointed covid marshal for the game to ensure social distancing and groups of 6 are adhered to on the pitch.

Thus we are appealing for volunteers to be an appointed Covid marshal for each home game.

Last weekend AWMA also asked for volunteers to help out in the bar on Saturday afternoon at peak times (special thanks to Jane Goode and James Moorhouse for doing the duties last weekend) and this is to be a regular weekly requirement going forward.  Please let us know if you are able to act as a covid marshall at any of the home games this weekend or can do your stint supporting Eszter and the bar crew.

If you can help out either at the pitch or for AWMA then please contact myself, Greg for the mens teams or Gabby for the ladies teams.

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